Week 8, 22 June 1997.

It's double or quits this week. Ray has doubled the amount of orange - he's now wearing an eyepopping suit. Shades! Everyone is playing for double money, and the reward for home players is also doubled. Paul Denchfield still has two eyebrows - he's going double or quits that he and Andy will catch Hannah and Amy tonight.

Darren and Adrian are in Blackpool, where Victoria and Charlotte won two weeks ago. For some small value of "win". Tracker Matt Randall is in his helecopter, looking around the countryside. At least, I think that's what he say.

Hannah and Amy are in Worthing. Andy Stewart is in the pub. So no changes there.

George and Kenn are in Enfield, and no one ever gets caught in London. Kenn's the one with the hair. Chasing them: Victoria Fay, who has come to the Tottenham Hotspur ground. "They're keen football fans," but that doesn't explain why they'd be there...

George and Kenn started in Wallasey, and look a bit odd in their swimsuits. Arriving in Buxton on Tuesday, the chap in the office is on the line to Victoria. Unfortunately, the lads slip up, and don't do their task in the water. Oops. Wednesday has them in Stoke, and a taxi driver who can't be trusted. They've trusted Dave, the chap in Buxton, to help set up all their tasks. He's on Victoria's side, and says they're in Shrewsbury on Thursday. Sure enough, that's where they are. Even the taxi driver blocking the road can't stop Victoria. She catches them again in Ruislip, and Victoria is speechless. They shoot across to Wales on Saturday, then back to Enfield for tonight's show. Wow, clocking up the miles.

4000 is George and Kenn's target, but they have to wear their swimsuits in the phone box. They are. Ew. John McMahon is the studio tracker, 620,000 people and 965 boxes. John spots that there are only two bridges across the reservoir. John had four calls putting them in one box, but they came in four minutes before the show started. It's a paved area, but John has spotted traffic in George's glasses, perhaps they're near a major road.

Darren and Adrian's tracker in the studio is Sarah Odell, who thinks they're playing in Liverpool. No, dear, Blackpool. Call yourself a trained tracker? 162,000 people and 342 phone boxes. Matt's checked out the outlying villages, and is concentrating in the town. Corner phone box, some shrubs. Matt's on the pleasure beach, and has a Cunning Plan. He's trying to find Tom who memorises phone box numbers.

Hannah and Amy have a double reward: money, and Paul's eyebrows. 57,000 people and 122 phone boxes. There's a coastal resort. It's a red phone box, and there was rain about 20 minutes ago. Andy's in the town centre, and there's no rain there! Er, hang on... "It's pouring," says Andy. They've made an appeal on the local radio station. Steyn Gardens, apparently it's raining.

Hannah and Amy's task: build a sandcastle, and watch it washed away. They start in Maidstone, but give up on Monday as a planning day. Cold feet already, darlings. On Tuesday, Andy's in Great Yaremouth. They decide not to attempt again, because someone blabbed on them. Andy heads to Filey, while the girls spend Wednesday doing their travelling. Via Leeds and Chester to Weston Super Mud

On Thursday, they finally build a, er, mud castle, there being no sand at Weston. On Friday, it's tipping it down, they head to Dawlish, while Andy overshoots and heads to Torbay. Success on Sunday in Worthing means they're going for 6000.

Andy's going through the eye of the storm, and it's absolutely raining buckets. He's parked up, and Andy is telling him to give him information. "Head out of the rain," says our top professional tracker. "Coombes!" shouts Paul, as if that's going to make them nervous. Only because you're mad, Paul.

George has not only taken off his glasses, but this has completely cocked up the sound. John has lots of leads for Enfield Town, but the traffic is bad, and Victoria's got to negotiate a one-way system.

Sarah Odell's team is talking to Tom the Memory Man, who knows 16,000 phone numbers in Blackpool. "Get a life, man!" shouts Ray. Matt's near the football ground, and hasn't seen anything yet.

Darren and Adrian have been camp entertainers at a holiday camp all week. They start in Caister, near Great Yaremouth. Matt's in Boston, Lincolnshire, and Matt gets there on time. How do they get out? Through the back door, the beach. Tuesday puts the gents at Skegness, while Matt heads up to Mablethorpe. Both of them meet up at Cleethorpes, and only one of them is out of bed. To Scarborough, where there are lots of camps. Matt's turned the PR arranging their tour, or so he thinks. They're actually fifteen miles away. No task on Friday, they've run out of coast, so they go in search of blood sucking fiends. Success on Saturday, but Matt's hiding behind the scenes on Sunday. Darren and Adrian are playing for 8000.

Three minutes left! Sarah, any luck? They might be behind the train station, but that's a long way away. Touch and go, says Matt, before his line breaks.

Victoria's in Enfield, looking hopefully at the shopping precinct. "It's closed."

Paul's eyebrows are looking hopeful. They've gone to Coombes, where there's an indication of a phone box. "I've just seen the phone box!" says Andy. Hang on, there seems to be a problem. Andy is unusually reluctant to go in and make the capture.

In a valiant effort to get Andy to walk the final few yards, Paul has to get down on his knees and literally beg Andy to make his move. Eventually, it works, and Andy does the decent thing. For Hannah and Amy, it's game over.

Who is that nutter shouting a phone number into the mike? Isn't that Ray's job?

George and Kenn were miles away, over the other side of the square.

Daniella Martinez gave the tip off to shop Hannah and Amy. She's going to get a drink from Paul Denchfield, because he now has two eyebrows. Andy Stewart is also going to get a drink from Eyebrow man.

Blackpool? The boys were in Higher Balham, 7km from the town centre. Matthew is going to go have a paddle in the sea.

Ray gives the final stats: Team Sarah and Matt took 8 filmings and 3 captures.
Team Eyebrow and Andy: 7 filmings and 5 captures.
And team John and Victoria: 31 filmings, 3 captures.

Here to present the award, the people who are single-handedly responsible for giving it, the completely inept Victoria and Charlotte.

Ray says how Wanted is off on a long summer break, but local versions will go out in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and the USA. He thanks the runners, the thirteen teams who made the show what it is.

Out there... William Hague defeats John Redwood and Ken Clarke to lead the Conservative party ... Spanish fishermen are thrown off the Grand Banks ... McDonalds wins judgement in the McLibel trial ...

last ... all ... game over!