Week 7, 15 June 1997.

Ray is in a loud orange jacket. I'll go get my shades, then.

Hannah Haddnebarn (the brunette) and Amy Castleden and playing in SE London tonight. Andy Stewart is at the Battersea Power Station, where there isn't a phone box.

Victoria and Charlotte are running for the third week. How????! They're playing in Nottingham tonight, and hoping to set up all sorts of records. John McMahon is in Robin Hood Drive, and thinks he's spotted a pattern: stay the night in the city, then play in the country. He'll look around the country.

Darren Perry (on the left) and Adrian Morrissey are playing in Leicester East. Matt's already checking out some outlying phone boxes.

Darren and Adrian's task this week: go to a glass making studio, make a vase. Matt is on their trail in Bath on Monday, and makes an early capture. Thence to Brighton, where they have a shower and a shave and, er, that's all. They do their task at Horsham on Tuesday, then Stroud on Wednesday. Matt's heading from Maidenhead to Stoke, and not at all gruntled. They stay in Gloucster, then hot-foot it to London. Matt arrives many hours too late, and meets their hotel owner. "They've gone to Wales." Not quite, London. No play on Friday, success in Yorkshire yesterday, nothing today, so they're playing for 4000.

How's Matt's chase going? He has 173 phone boxes, 150,000 people, and Matt has a lot of ground to cover. They stayed in suburban Leicester last night, but Matthew has a lot of outlying boxes to cover in not a lot of time. Sarah in the studio suggests heading towards the suburbs.

No one gets caught in London, comments Ray. Paul Denchfield is in the studio, looking at all 1819 phone boxes. It's Victoria and Paul's home square, and Ray also lives there. Clapham, Westminster and Streatham are all in the square. Paul reckons there's a bike lane and a park around. Andy is coming out of Battersea, following a lead of two girls in dresses. Hannah and Amy aren't wearing dresses. The landlord intimated that they were heading north, so Paul will cut off the quarter of the square above the Thames.

Victoria and Charlotte won't tell their secret for good phone boxes. 280,000 people, 352 phone boxes, and urban sprawl in the bottom half of the square. Victoria reckons that they're in the country, John is hugging the edge of the city.

Their task was to have their fortune told. "I've got a really good feeling about this week," says Victoria at 9am Monday. John is filming them, then they lose him on the bus. And lose themselves. "A good first day." In Morecambe, all the fortune tellers have gone home. In Appleby, the gypsy fair has decamped. They saw our pair coming! On Thursday, Charlotte has her tarot cards read in Carlisle, and she's advised to avoid an oversexed man. They flee to Gretna Green, where John catches them on film. And again in Brampton, and again in York, and then he's waiting outside their hotel in Scarborough. They leave with the dustmen, and visit the palmist. He didn't tell them John was waiting outside. So, with no luck over the weekend, they're once again playing for the grand non-total of 0!

Why is the audience applauding this display of complete rubbishness? John is still in the suburbs, and Victoria steers him towards Kimberley. She's asked the caller to visit the phone box and wave outside. These runners are very good at getting people to call in with false leads.

Darren and Adrian make an obscure Coronation Street plot point. Sarah sends Matt to Thurmaston in the far NW corner, he's a long way from the SE corner where there aren't many boxes.

Victoria discards a lot of leads for the city centre, and John is somewhere in the Kimberley bypass area. He's parked up, claiming a problem with sound.

Hannah and Amy are flitting between telesales and television, and Hannah wants to go to bed. Don't tempt us. Paul has calls in the Clapham area, ten mobile calls for Clapham High Street and one for the Windmill Pub. Paul bets his left eyebrow that they'll be at the Windmill Pub. "Did you just bet your left eyebrow?" "If he's betting an eyebrow, I'm going there!"

So, let's have a look at that phone box by the Windmill pub. "There's no phone box there!" Paul is even more excited, he's just had a man put his hand on the box in Burntwood Lane, Tooting. Paul goes double-or-quits on the eyebrows.

Hannah and Amy's task was to be pest controllers. "Pest" does not include their tracker, Andy. Monday is a visit to Oldham, to kill some ants. Tuesday, across to Yorkshire, to kill wasps. Andy is allergic to wasp stings, but not a problem on Wednesday, when our stars are catching mice in Doncaster. Andy is in Loughborough, talking to the rats. Moles bite the bullet in Lincolnshire on Thursday, while Andy is dealing with cockroaches. Back home to Bristol on Friday, thence to London on Saturday, where rats meet their end. No joy today, but they're still playing for a star-studded 6000.

How is the one-eyebrowed wonder getting on? Andy needs to come crashing down Burntwood Lane. He's got about 2 km to cover in the next four minutes. It's going to be close... it's going to be very close.

To Leicester, where there are leads in Thurmaston. Matt needs to pull his socks out, or whatever.

To Nottingham, where it's feeling like the end. Kimberley is the right place, Swingate Lane, and John needs to drive down the road. Get on with it! Don't wait for the cameraman, just go get them! They got them! Whay-hey!

Back to London, and Andy is coming down on them like a ton of bricks. But time is against them.

"Sarah Odell, do you have any more information?" "No."

Andy's being distracted by sleeping policemen and swervy things, and time's expired.

Thurnby was the village for Darren and Adrian, not Thurmaston. A good 4km away.

Sarah thanks John Townsend, the man who put his hand on the glass.

And just look at what's happened in London. They were right there. Paul and Andy missed by 792m.

Back for the summer special double money finale. "The game's over, no, the show's over, but start the clock on another week..."

Another question from the closing credits: who are these black-clad runners leaving Wanted HQ?

Out there... Steven Dorrell, Michael Howard and Peter Lilley all withdraw from the Conservative party leadership contest ... Schumacher wins the Canadian grand prix ...

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