Week 6, 8 June 1997.

Ray makes some joke that no one quite gets. No change on Wanted, then. Now, what's wrong with this picture? Why is Oengus in the phone box on his own?

Victoria and birthday girl Charlotte are playing in Blackpool. No one noticed it was Charlotte's birthday, so Ray leads the studio audience in a pretty rubbish round of Happy Birthday. Bringing a present in person tonight: John McMahon, who is driving with a birthday cake on the beach. Don't try this at home, kids.

It's week three for Oengus, and perhaps John, and they're playing in Gillingham. John is, apparently, "on his way," and Ray threatens him with some dire fate. He hasn't thought what. Oengus suggests a swap: Oengus and John get the jeep and the hotels, and Paul the tents and backpacks. We're going for a record here, only Beryl and June have previously played for three weeks. What's wrong with Paul's picture? It's not breaking up, and that becomes a personal best.

Pat and Joan are in NW Manchester, the same square that was curtains for Nick and Caroline five weeks ago. Their usual tracker, Sarah Odell, is off doing some adventure sports, so we welcome back - for one week only! - Dave McBride!!!

The results of last week's poll: Darren and Adrian will run first. Darren's in Babe, a Take That tribute band. "I have no shame." Obviously. Ray invites him to sing their title song. Can we send him on the road right now? Hannah and Amy will be next out, followed by George and Kenn.

But aren't we putting cart before horse? Let's start with Pat and Joan, who were challenged to learn a different martial art each day. Pat and Joan are not best pleased. From Barnsley to Bury, but then Joan hurts her toe, and Dave visits their house. They decide not to play on Wednesday, and it looks like they've got to come out of Manchester on the A635. Instead, they've gone to Haydock, one square south. Dave finds the centre in Warrington, but can't find the ladies. They can find him, but not the other way round. They haven't been filmed at all, but didn't play on Wednesday, so they're going for a handy 6000.

Update: Joan's toe is sore. 279,000 pepole and 300 boxes. The box is by a wooden gate, and it would be interesting to ask if they can smell anything - there are a couple of sewage works in Swinton Park.

Culinary hints from Victoria in Blackpool: boil an egg by putting it in the kettle with a cup of tea. 162,000 people and 254 boxes. Victoria's concentrating on the town area, not the country that covers the east side of the square. She suggests the Pleasure Beach.

John apologises for his lateness, saying he went to the wrong phone box. 236,000 people and 263 phone boxes. Andy has seen someone pop out of their car and post a letter near the phone box. Paul reckons there could be a lead in Balsall.

Oengus and John were to be bellboys at a luxury hotel. How would these gentlemen work in society hotels? Oengus is hopeful, John isn't. Monday doesn't happen in Eastbourne, Paul is in Brighton. Tuesday, to Hastings, and then on to Hythe. They're worried that Paul's there. He is. He's up a tree. Almost all night. The gents arrive at 9am, and they're caught just before midday. Thursday sees them in Wye, just 30 minutes after Paul left. They succeeded in Dartford on Friday, and again in Rochester Saturday, so they're running for 3000.

Today, John met up with Paul somewhere on a motorway bridge. Not Oengus, he was some way away. If they survive this week, they'll either have to work the Kent coast very carefully, or cross themselves. Andy puts the runners at Tunberry Avenue, Paul's at Tunberry Avenue, and he's out of the car, doing the Snoopy dance of honour. So danceworthy that he falls down on his backside. With 20 minutes to play, he can't fail to run the last 100 metres and catch them.

In Manchester, there's nothing in Campbell Road. Try Rakes Lane, a little way to the north. "Rake, as in Rake," says Matt rather pointlessly. Dave should be able to get there in time, but only with a minute or so to go.

To Blackpool, where ten sightings put them in Adderley Street to the north of the city. John's there right now, and is finding nothing.

How did Victoria and Charlotte get from Swansea to Blackpool, and how were they as plumbers' mates? It's business as usual on Monday, John is on their case by 9:30 Monday morning. On Tuesday, they do their task in Llandidrod Wells, aren't caught, and somehow manage to win their first grand. On Wednesday, they do their task near Dolgellau, but leave their bags in the tourist information office. John's in wait, and normal service resumes. They flee to Chester, then Liverpool, book into a hotel, find they've got a room with a blocked toilet, and call the plumber. They were filmed in Southport (Friday) and Blackpool (Saturday), didn't try today, and are playing for 2000. That's a team best, and will buy a lot of sweets.

Victoria, put us out of our misery. They're trying Abingdon Road, but they're not there. It's a bit like murder in Blackpool.

Dave is just turning into Rakes Lane, it's a long road, and they've been sighted at both ends. Helpful. Dave's GPS is not working. Doesn't make good television.

In Blackpool, try the Tower. There's a phonebox up the tower. Victoria thinks they'll be above the clouds, because it's sunny where they are, and cloudy in the town centre.

Back in Rakes Lane, Dave is out of his car. Run down to the box. They're there!

In Blackpool, Dave is stuck in traffic, and Victoria and Charlotte are safe!

Wrap up the loose ends: Pat and Joan were at the far end of Rakes Lane, and they're complimented by Dave McBride. That's praise indeed. Darren and Adrian will replace them, and they'll be blowing glass.
Oengus and John were shopped by Paul Collins, who lives just across the road. Hannah and Amy will be exterminating pests.
Victoria and Charlotte were 7.7km away, and they'll be asked to have their fortune told by a fortune teller.

"The game is over but the show never stops," claims Ray. Er, not quite.

Out there... Jean Chretien's Liberal party wins the general election with a reduced majority ... Railtrack's profits are up 34%, delays up 27% ... Iva Majoli and Gregor Kuerten win the French open singles titles ... and in the Edgbaston test, Australia's cricket side is skittled out for 118 in a session and a half. England wins by seven wickets.

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