Week 4, 25 May 1997.

Are we having a nice sunny bank holiday, enquires Ray Cokes. Yes, thanks. Only one team has managed to escape their trackers for three weeks. Phil and Steve said they would be the worst runners ever. Most captures, least money, and smallest distance between phone box and tracker at the siren. This week, they're playing in Edinburgh, where Victoria's auditioning for The Holiday Programme.

Donna and Vincent Frazier are playing at home in Newcastle this week. Matt Randall is chasing them, and Ray reminds us how he's still not managed to make a capture this year. He goes down a street, but it's a dead end.

Oengus McNamara (he's the one in the grey shirt) and John Inglis are our one new team this week. They've been camping all week, rather than staying in hotels, and are playing in Watford. The line to Paul Denchfield is breaking up. Badly.

Oengus and John's task was to take a flying lesson. They didn't play on Monday, preferring to run all the way to Inverness. Then overground to the lesson in Glasgow, and cadge a lift to a wood near Bristol. Paul's staking out Carlisle airport, over 300 miles away. The gents take off at 8am, and head off to Exeter. They're accustomed to lugging their backpacks around. Thursday is a washout, thanks to the weather. Paul has done 1,118 miles in three days, and gets his first lead in Lyme Regis. He's in the right area, but the gents have pitched their tents just 200 yards away. Two outward bound types against the hotel-loving tracker - there can only be one winner. Success on Friday and Saturday means they're playing for 5000.

Today was a different story. Paul's on their trail, and they all meet up in a wood near Watford. The gents don't move for four hours, so Paul can't move for four hours. That's a lot of scouting time lost. They finally escaped by hiding in a ditch, but it wasn't easy.

The area: Watford, Borehamwood and Edgware: 110,000 people and 299 phone boxes. And the M1 cutting the square in half. Paul's still breaking up in the Bushey area; Andy's analysis puts the box somewhere in a shopping centre or a garden.

Phil and Steve reckon they're getting caught - there are more people around the phone box than in the studio, reckons Phil. Edinburgh is 450,000 people, 555 phone boxes, and the top third of the square is water. John's convinced the phone box is near to some large cannonballs, on a cobbled road, perhaps near the castle or the docks. Edinbirgh is, of course, where Gary and James were eliminated last year.

Inspired by the internet site - www.channel4.com/wanted - Ray has an audience vote: Phil and Steve will be caught, the others won't. There's a load of bubbly riding on this.

Donna and Vincent are playing in Newcastle. It was a very good square last year, with three escapes. It's a modern phone box, perhaps in a one-way system, with very little traffic. There's an unexpected video from their young daughter Katie.

Their task: work in a different cinema, and serve ice cream dressed as Superman. Great Yarmouth and Ipswich - but they double back on themselves - with Matt lying in wait at Colchester. But they beat him, and head on to Lakeside. Matt says he's got all options covered, apart from the Dartford Bridge. So they go round the Dartford Bridge, and round the M25 to Reading. They hire a taxi for 1, hit Liverpool, and get taken in by Elaine Todd from two weeks ago. Thence to Manchester and York... where Matt's hidden the jeep behind a tree. The manager's happy to help Matt, but happier to help the runners leave down the back door and catch Matt on film.

For the first time in three weeks, Matt caught his runners on film this morning. They're playing for 5000 this week. Sarah Odell says that she's meant to be a tough and hard tracker. Well, one out of three isn't bad. The public has put them somewhere in the Jesmond area, and Matt's about five minutes away.

Hatch End Station is the area on which Paul's concentrating, but his line is still breaking up badly. It's all going downhill rapidly!

Phil & Steve are still on the run. Somehow. They're really not optimistic about surviving the remaining 20 minutes of the show. Victoria is frantically filling in for time, knowing that's she as good as on top of the runners.

Their task: catch a trout. They're limited to Scotland and North England, catch their first trout, and visit the pub. Victoria misses them by a half hour, goes to the next pub, and gotcha. The lads have a Cunning Plan: lock Victoria's jeep behind the car park gates, allowing the lads to make their getaway. Tuesday sees Victoria off on a false lead to Inverness, and Wednesday is spent sitting on a lake near Perth. Eleven hours later (eleven hours!) they give up. Victoria grabs them in Aviemore on Thursday, and Aberdeen station - in the gents - on Friday. Success on Saturday, and three (count 'em!) captures today, means they're playing for 2000.

Like a good sport, Victoria counts to 100 and lets them escape. Like normal, Phil and Steve make a beeline for the nearest pub. Ray is so sorry for the unsuccessful trip on Wednesday, when all they caught was hypothermia, that they'll bung in another grand if they're not caught.

Victoria, though, is right on the money, and goes in for the capture. Yep, on Commercial Street in the docks area.

Sarah puts Matt on Saltmeadow Road, and he's hopeful. There's a phone box, there they are. Game over!

Paul's somewhere in Watford town centre, chasing a lead there. Where should they have gone? Miles away, somewhere up in the country. Two new pairs of runners: Victoria and Charlotte, two buxom blondes; and Joan and Pat, who will laugh their way around Britain.

Out there... Anne Widdecombe says "there is something of the night" about Michael Howard... President Clinton rails against fashion's "heroin chic"... Kilmarnock beats Falkirk to lift the Scottish FA Cup ... England beats Australia in the one-day cricket series ... Soul band Eternal score their first Number One single, I Wanna Be the Only One is certainly the highlight of their career.

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