Week 3, 18 May 1997.

This is a holding page for the episode. Full details will arrive at a later date.

Well, we hope further details will arrive at a later date, but it seems UKTV won't be repeating the series again. Boo...

In short: Lindsey and Melody went on a farm and be a shepherd for a while. Andy Stuart was on their case, but the two lasses ran rings around the Scouser. They would have made a clean sweep but ran into some terrible luck. They were heard talking to other contestants Phil and Steve, and their tracke Victoria Fay worked out that the ladies were in a cinema in Gloucester. Andy hot-footed it there, but that was his only capture.

Lindsey and Melody hid in Cambridge, and pointed their camera at a brick wall. The perfect plan... except that Paul Denchfield is a Cambridge graduate, and knows that wall. Intimately, we reckon. Andy moves in for the kill with 20 minutes to spare, and the players turn the air blue with their disappointment. You can't say that on live television! Oh. They just did.

Donna and Vincent are this week's other newcomers, they played in North East London, and no one ever gets caught in London. Their task was to go to a different football club every day and clean the trophies. Very cleverly, they managed to film Matt in Birmingham, and were only caught on camera once. They gave away which side of the river Rea (which divides the square, and can only be bridged in a few places) for a further grand. Matt was nowhere near when time expired.

Phil and Steve ran for a second week, this time going to weddings and throw confetti at the couple and kiss COMPLETE STRANGERS. "One wedding and four funerals" said host Ray Cokes, as top tracker Victoria Fay came down on them on Tuesday. And Wednesday. And Friday. And Saturday. No one gets married on Monday or Sunday, so the gents play for 1000. The clue to their location doubled their money, and Victoria came within 300m of the gents for the second week running. This week, Victoria's task was hampered by the lack of live pictures - we didn't actually see Victoria live once during the show.

Out there... Stan Collymore moves from Liverpool to Aston Villa for 7 million ... the new government promises to regulate alcopops more effectively ... Chelsea beat Middlesborough 2-0 in the cup final ... Eric Cantona unexpectedly retires from first class football.

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