Week 2, 11 May 1997.

"This show is so simple that even I can present it. These guys hide... and these guys seek."

Playing in Manchester: sisters Bernadine France and Elaine Todd. Ray likes them. A lot. In the field: Paul Denchfield, who is in Coronation Street.

Playing in Surrey, Philip Morris (model) and Stephen Smith (student), playing in Surrey. Ray describes them as "incompetent," and Victoria Fay's somewhere on a motorway bridge.

Back for a second week, the London dancers Clarice and June, who had to kick someone out of their box in London last week, and are this week playing in Birmingham. Sarah Odell is finding a house in Londonderry Lane, Smethwick, trying to find a house watching WANTED to see their phone box. Methinks they know where they are already.

So, let's start with June and Clarice. It's the main Birmingham square, 933,000 people, 993 phone boxes, and Aston Villa finished playing just north of the square 40 minutes ago. Two captures in three plays last year. The Allan family have no help for Sarah. The task for the Black Foxes: take tea with an MP in their constituency. Matt reckons it'll be an easy week, as the MPs have to be in London between Wednesday and Friday. Wimbledon, Winchester (the recount had just about finished), Swindon - where it's New Labour New Lies. They claim to be going to Bristol, but actually they're headed for Taunton.

Taunton is not a smart move - they've boxes themselves in, and have got to go through Bristol at some point. Sarah catches up with them at the coach station. In Hereford, they're offered a late lunch, and Sarah reckons it's been a "weekus horribilis". They didn't try to win yesterday, succeeded today, so 5000 is their jackpot.

Matt confirms it's a residential area, facing west, on a street corner. Sarah is struggling with the map, and Matt suggests heading down to Harbourne.

Ray tries the security code trick, trying to get them to duck down. "We're not that daft." Andy reckons that Manchester - 678,000 people, 1024 phone boxes - is a great square, but there's a red post box next to it. Paul wants to find someone with local knowledge, so he darts into a pub. Bernie and Elaine are safe, surely (:

190,000 people, 320 phone boxes, and Victoria's already at Ashtead station. John McMahon doesn't like mobile phone leads, and there's no phone box there. Phil and Steve are to ride a white knuckle ride after stuffing themselves with ice cream and cola. They make it into a miserable Great Yaremouth, but get taken at Market Rasen station on Tuesday, and in Lincoln on Wednesday. It's so easy that Victoria tries going round with her eyes closed. Just for good measure, she films them getting off the train in Nottingham. "It's too easy," gloats Steve.

Thursday 15:15, and the lads take out some money at Birmingham New Street station. Victoria reckons they're at Kidderminster, plants another taxi at the amusement park, and their hotel is given away. Somehow, they made it on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, and were filmed at Chessington this morning. They're playing for 3000, they thought they were playing for 6000, so double the embarrassment.

"Leatherhead Road and Hook Parade" says Matt, it's about 20 minutes from where Victoria is. There's 21:11 in the game... it'll be close.

Up in Birmingham, Kingscote Road and Nursery Road in Harbourne is the tip. And it turns out to be a correct tip. For June and Clarice, two words. Game Over! Donna and Vincent, a married couple from Newcastle upon Tyne, will be their replacement.

In Surrey, Victoria is lost.

Bernie and Elaine are in Manchester. It's raining in Manchester. Paul's on his way to a golf course. He needs to stop concentrating on his social life and start tracking the runners, because Andy has a good tip for him. Their task: it's been raining, snowing, hailing, so they're to go windsurfing. The ladies are no good at windsurfing, but the public is no good at phoning in leads. Up to Milton Keynes, then to Oxford, down to Eastleigh, and Paul's going as quickly as he can... until he runs into an A-grade traffic jam near Newbury. Even that can't stop Paul, he gets his ladies and follows them to Southampton, for three hours, until losing them in the evening. Cirencester on Friday, but a traffic jam keeps Paul back.

Back, but not down. The second capture in as many days, and Paul's full of praise for his backup team. Success in Birmingham on Saturday, and Paul overlooking them on Sunday. 4000 is the target.

So, where's Paul? Andy reckons he has the box, but Paul's overshot the junction and has to seek an alternative route. Watch Andy Stewart go grey in ten seconds!!!

Victoria is 400 yards away, but she's missed the turning on the roundabout. Blimey, chases don't get tenser than this! Are they down that road? Nope.

Back to Manchester, Andy's waffling, and Paul's headed down the road when he comes across a crowd of people. It's the box! For Bernie and Elaine, it's game over!

Surrey, and Victoria is within shouting distance of the box, surely. Shouting distance, but not in time. Phil and Steve get away with it, and by the time Ray has wrapped up the other teams, the phone box has a new occupant. Victoria's hair. She was just 85m away.

One last piece of business: a pair to replace Bernie and Elaine. Let's have ... ooh ... Melody and Lindsey. They're running, they're hiding, the show is now over, but the game never stops!

Out there... Manchester United clinch their fourth Premier League title in five years, with Newcastle the surprise runners-up. Canada is rocked by a report into the Bre-X affair, involving a businessman plunging to his death from a plane. The UK wins the Eurovision Song Contest, and hitherto unknown band Olive have the best Number One single of the year so far.

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