Week 1, 4 May 1997.

Happy new year! We have a new government, a new labour, a new Wanted, and a new presenter! Ray Cokes and his team have already been playing for six days 23 hours. Ray quickly explains the rules, for those who haven't read the recaps from last year. So, who are these people?

Barry Valance and Graham Smart are from Liverpool, and they're playing in a red phone box. Somewhere in the country. Methinks that it would be useful to say exactly where they're playing.

Caroline Harper and Nick McGrath give nothing away in their filmed intro. They're also in a phone box. Somewhere.

June Allan and Clarice Armitrading came within moments of missing their live broadcast, thanks to being stuck in traffic. Ray fibs that he's put 1000 on the floor of their phone box, allowing the trackers to see behind them.

Turns out that Barrie and Graham are playing in East Leeds. Their tracker on the ground is Andy Stuart, in the studio is Paul Denchfield. Ray has got the lads to turn their camera upside down and spin it round. Paul reckons that he can see trees and asphalt, so they must be somewhere suburban.

Their task was to do a wash and blow dry each day. Appears that there's been a subtle change in the rules: runners are allowed to pick their own starting square, allowing these runners to go from Blackpool to Preston. Then they go up to Carlisle and Glasgow, where there's something of a showdown. In true Mary Whitehouse Experience style, it has to happen in a Vidal Sassoon salon. Andy's covering the reception area, but the manageress has a brainwave. Tell Andy they've done it, and gone. They're hiding with the security guard in the CCTV room. Andy's been appearing on The Big Breakfast, and saying "nightmare" a lot.

The gents didn't do their task yesterday or today, so they're "only" playing for 5000. "Andy, can you catch them?" "No," says Andy. Ray offers them a bribe to reveal more information. Barrie's got to go outside and film a written sign. It's a Give Way sign, in front of the house, and clearly Somewhere in Suburban Leeds. Paul's reckoning Hareshill, where they spent the night.

Nick and Caroline get their 360 degree pan. It doesn't make for good television, you know. According to the caption, they're playing in North Manchester, traced by Victoria Fay in the studio and John McMahon on the ground. John's detective work reckons they're in the Linhead area. From the 360 pan, it looks like they're in an urban area, perhaps a small shopping centre.

Their task: visit a dog rescue centre and feed and walk a dog. They start in Liverpool, then pretend that they're in Burnley. This is not accurate; they're in Carstairs, Scotland. Nick reckons John must feel "a real prat". The runners are in Scotland, John is in Wales. That's Wales. The two meet up in Middlesbrough on Friday, and that's a tricky square to leave without doubling back. John's stuck in traffic, but at least he's in the right 300 miles.

This morning, disaster struck. While jumping a wall, Nick tore his trousers and skewered his left testicle. Ouch. They didn't attempt the task one day, so are playing for 6000. John's heading towards Prestwick. Isn't that in Scotland? Oh, Prestwich. Again, Ray offers a bribe. Take the camera off the stand, go outside, film a written sign. Any show you like... A minute later, we see a car park sign. John doesn't seem in any hurry to move about.

You know, we still don't know where June and Clarice are playing. Again, the 360 upside down pan. We see a note offering Dulwich Sports Centre. They're playing in London South East, a new square, but no one has been caught in four appearances in London before. Matt Randall is in the studio, Sarah Odell on the road. Ray plays out the 360 pan, but Sarah's got to concentrate on her driving. It's an old area, and in sun. Sarah's in cloud.

June and Clarice's task: play a game of croquet with two club members. Monday is a washout, nowhere is open for them. Sarah films them in Chertsey, but they cheer themselves up with a visit to their nieces. Sarah films them in Watford on Thursday, and a new plan. Feed a false lead to the crew, and Sarah goes to Bedford. The girls are in St Albans. It's a battle of wills in London. They got better as the week went on, and are playing for 4000.

Sarah's heading towards Bermondsey. Matt's had an internet lead, where there's a live feed, suggesting a warehouse area with security guard, and perhaps running water.

Barrie is shouting instructions to the people outside the phone box. They're all his fans. Andy Stewart reckons he'll be there in a moment, he's being blocked in traffic. "Just pile through them, you've got a big truck." They're right there, behind the line of people.

"He's coming towards us," says Caroline. Longhay shopping centre. The crowd won't stop them, it's Game Over.

June and Clarice are, we reckon, somewhere near Bermondsey Sainsbury's. But Sarah's not going to get there, and they're our one winners this week.

Where were these people? Don't know.

In the real world... Canada will have a general election on June 2, Prime minister Chretien is expected to win big. The Red River continues to flood near Winnipeg. Tony Blair is elected British prime minister with a massive majority.

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