Week 5, 27 November 1996.

Well, everyone's running again. Beryl and June, out for a third week, have picked Leeds "because it's a good university." Their daughters are in the studio, and are proud of the ladies' achievements. "Not bad for a pair of grannies." Dave McBride is fizzing and crackling like a good 'un, and is cracking up live on air. And that's just the signal. The square is Leeds West, 450,000 people, 313 phone boxes, and a maze of small roads.

Tracie and Anthony are playing in London NW, covering the West End and Hampstead. A Def Leppard concert at Wembley tonight, and a traffic jam at the North Circular. 2200 phone boxes, and well over a million people. Victoria was one hour behind them this afternoon, but lost them in Soho. She's got the same couriers from last week to help her, and if last week's strike rate is anything to go on, they're going nowhere.

Lisa and Dawn's phone box is somewhere in Norwich, and their nuttiness has driven Paul Denchfield to distraction. The Norwich square has the city to the north, 170,000 people, and 206 phone boxes. Very popular with bird watchers, apparently. Paul doorsteps the safe house where they were some hours ago, but doesn't find them. Fairly obviously.

Lisa and Dawn were tasked to set out the front page of a local daily paper. From Cardiff, Paul knows they have to travel up the Heart of Wales line, but they've not gotten to his stop. They work at the Brecon Express, a weekly, not daily paper. Paul is hacked off, but over a day ahead of the girls, and in position to capture them on film. He sees them slip into a pub, then lose him down a back street. John O'Connor makes some intelligent comment that is ruined because his microphone doesn't work. Oleg Gordievsky agrees that Paul's failed because the runners are so erratic. After Liverpool, the girls ran to Derby and Cambridge before striking to Norwich. Next week will have to be the north country, perhaps playing in Manchester. They were filmed in Liverpool and Norwich, failed in Brecon, didn't try on Sunday, double backed twice, and are playing for 2000.

In Leeds, Dave is still cracking up, but appears to be somewhere near the station. Tracie and Anthony have travelled 253 miles, up to Cambridge and back. Victoria didn't catch up with the runners until Sunday. They're in the hotel room, Victoria is outside, so she sends for some room service. That doesn't work. Complaints to security don't work. Pretending to give up doesn't work, as Anthony spots the microphone has a very sensitive setting that will pick up Victoria's breathing. It does. By morning, Victoria is dead on her feet, and hides down the corridor. The duo call for the fire exit, where Victoria is hiding. Bad luck, but perhaps a phyrric victory for the very tired Victoria. Peterborough was the only time they were caught, so they're playing for 6000.

On their trail, Victoria is completely leadless. They're not in Camden, and probably not in Oxford Street. That would be too obvious. Paul is headed for Norwich city centre, and Dave still heading for Leeds railway station.

Beryl and June are not hopeful of evading capture. Are they in Pudsey? Perhaps not. Who is outside the phone box? The Beryl and June fan club. Their route took them through Scotland and the north west, and their task is to pull pints in a students' union. Dave is doing the traditional Edinburgh pastime, trainspotting. Don't think that's what they do in the film. Up to Stirling, and a night in a hall of residence. Dave finally catches up with the ladies on Monday - well, almost. He misses them at the uni by ten minutes, and stakes out their B&B. Armed with the master key, he moves in for the kill ... then his mobile phone rings. Dave gets his revenge the next morning. Dave should have filmed them today, but his camera had no film, the capture doesn't stand, and they're playing for 6000.

Dave reckons he's tracked them down. He says that every week. Paul has a few leads in Norwich, and Tanya reckons the girls are somewhere near the uni. Victoria is in Soho, where there's a box down every street. Tanya reckons she should be heading for Horley Road, about 3km away. Can Dave do it: "I don't think so, Richard." Paul is coming down to the university, Victoria is stuck in traffic, and once again, everyone is going to be running next week.

Out there, Manchester United look most unlikely to qualify for the quarter finals of the European Cup after losing 1-0 at home to Juventus. Rangers win the Scottish League Cup final. In the annual budget statement, chancellor Kenneth Clarke reduces the basic rate of income tax by 1p to 23p and cuts the borrowing requirement to 23 billion.

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