Week 2, 6 November 1996.

Second week, and we do have all three contestants this week. The show's really on the boil.

Drew and Scott are playing in Liverpool, home to Anfield, Everton, Lime Street, and 773 phone boxes. Victoria is still on their trail, and points out that Tranmere are playing at Liverpool tonight.

Kay Baptiste and Francesco di Mattio, our new runners, are somewhere in Birmingham. This is the city's main square, one up and one left from where Scott and Drew played last week. More canals than Venice, and 993 phone boxes in the square. Dave McBride QC is on their case, and he's been close to them all week.

Dave and Andy have relocated to Cardiff this week. Cardiff Arms Park, 265,000 people, and 442 phone boxes. Paul Denchfield is still on their case, and he's got the students of Cardiff uni on the hunt.

We begin with Dave and Andy, who have gone via Essex and the south coast to Bristol and Cardiff. Their task: test drive a new car worth 50,000 each day.

They head straight for Essex, home of the flash new car. Paul's hot on their trail, and spots that one of their test drives was too cheap. Andy's charm results in one receptionist saying she'll call after they've left, making an appointment for two hours later. And he persuades the salesman to drop them off at the station, so they don't have to backtrack and risk running into Paul. Canny work!

Paul hotfoots it to Ashford station at a rate of knots, and catches up with our runners. They get off at Brighton, only to find that no one is open on Sunday. Happiness returns on Tuesday, as the guys drive a bright yellow car that blows their minds.

John O'Connor says that there's little Paul can do if he gets in second. Oleg says they'll make good spies, as good as Mikhael Gorbachev, and far better than Russian president Boris Yeltsgin. Messages from home: Andy's son needs toys repairing, and the teenage daughters can't set the video. Someone's honking their horn outside the box. The money: Friday's car was second-hand and under-price, filmed on Saturday, didn't open on Sunday, so playing for 4000.

Paul Denchfield is heading through Cardiff to Fairfield Park, confident he'll find them in 15 minutes.

Kay and Francesco appear to be in Smethwick Bearwood, thanks to their hotel landlord. "Does that sound warm?" asks Richard. "Never heard of it," replies Kay. Scott and Drew seem to be in the docklands area of Liverpool. The gents are craning their necks to see what they can see, and let slip that Victoria's on the right lines.

Kay and Francesco went up the M1 to Bradford, then across to Preston, skated past Manchester, and landed in Birmingham. Their task: skate at an ice rink for 15 minutes per day.

"Fifteen minutes of hell" promises Kay, who cannot skate. They arrange to visit Peterborough, but Dave sets a trap: "safe" ice rinks that are no such thing. In Nottingham, Dave is in the boot room, abandon ship, and head for Sutton rink. They appear to be headed for Whitley Bay, where an Italian gent has booked a lesson. It's not Francesco, he's near Manchester.

"That trap was typical of the FBI," says John O'Connor, explaining the stings favoured by the US groups. Oleg confirms that the KGB used similar tricks.

Today, they spotted Dave's jeep outside Birmingham's rink, so took some ice from the fishmongers, and tap-danced on it. Ten out of ten for ingenuity, Richard Littlejohn says it's great, the producers say he's paying for it, so it's not happening. Filmed on Friday, but that was the only time Dave got his act together, and they're playing for 5000.

However, where's Dave? Somewhere within the next ten minutes, if that. He's following some bikers, the local Hell's Angels chapter. They're not worried, they're petrified!

Dave and Andy look to be in Queen Street, by the castle. Paul's at Prospect Road, where Dave and Andy aren't, and neither is there so much as one phone box.

We've a new Big Board, showing little pictures of all six camera positions. Third team, Scott and Drew have been spotted by a lot of people in the area. Their route was a loop to Newport, up to Shrewsbury, Derbyshire, and Liverpool. Their task: visit a cathedral, have tea with a member of staff.

They start in Worcester, and try to take a train at Ashchurch. The station closed in the 70s, and it's three miles to Tewksbury. Victoria's having even worse luck, her car's broken down. Thence to Gloucester, and arrange a meeting at Clifton cathedral for 0900 Saturday. They're not turning up, preferring to go to Newport, thence Shrewsbury, a cab, a tipoff from the public, a taxi driver, took them to Wellington, and stake out the station. This results in capture at Telford station Sunday morning. Eleven days, and the first time Victoria's caught them.

A quick visit from their girlfriends lifts spirits, and it's on to Lichfield for tea with the verger.

Both runners and trackers were filming in Liverpool today, and they got each other on film. They're playing for 5000.

Victoria reckons she's in the area. Close, but not just yet.

"Dave, you're on!" shouts the producer. A driver flashed at Dave, tries to tell a long story, there isn't time, just get these runners out of the game! The guy in the car was the giveaway.

Back to Liverpool, where Victoria is getting out of her car, and running up to the box. Scott and Drew are also out. The tip came from a taxi guy in the area.

Speaking of cabbies, how are Dave and Andy in Cardiff? Safe: Paul Denchfield has run the length of Queen Street looking for boxes, hasn't found any, and throws in the towel. Dave gives his thanks to everyone who has helped them. They're somewhere in Penarth, to the south of the square.

Two new teams, then: Beryl and June, retired social workers; and Nick and Andy, firemen from Essex.

Also ... one of the warmest starts to November on record ... Celtic move to the top of the Scottish Premier League ... Bill Clinton wins a second term as US President.

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