An episode-by-episode guide

Wanted aired live on Channel 4 during late 1996 and summer 1997. Though written as live, the content is taken from repeats on UK Horizons during summer 2003. Some - but not all - of the episodes featured in-vision signing, clearly seen on the screen captures. We make no apology for this.

Series 1: Autumn 1996

Week 1, 30 October, London, Solihull, (Ipswich). The week with the "copout".

Week 2, 6 November, Liverpool, London, Birmingham. The week with the capture.

Week 3, 13 November, Warrington, Plymouth, Black Country. The week with the firefighters.

Week 4, 20 November, Newcastle, Caerphilly, London. The week with the escapes.

Week 5, 27 November, Leeds, Norwich, London. The week with the siege.

Week 6, 4 December, Leeds, Luton, Glasgow. The week with the substitute.

Week 7, 11 December, Birmingham, Newcastle, London. The week with the players.

Week 8, 18 December, Liverpool, Newcastle, (Edinburgh). The week with the phone call.

Series 2: Summer 1997

Week 1, 4 May, London, Manchester, Leeds. The week with the new host.

Week 2, 11 May, Manchester, Surrey, Birmingham. The week with the incompetents.

Week 3, 18 May, Cambridge, Glasgow, London (incomplete report). The week with the language.

Week 4, 25 May, Watford, Newcastle, Edinburgh. The week with the bet.

Week 5, 1 June, Sheffield, Bracknell, Swansea. The week with nothing.

Week 6, 8 June, Blackpool, Manchester, Gillingham. The week with Paul Denchfield's ass.

Week 7, 15 June, Nottingham, Leicester, London. The week with something for everyone.

Week 8, 22 June, Blackpool, Worthing, Enfield. The week with the swimsuits.

Also: download the opening title music, and also a variant used to open the first show. And the closing theme and the rules explained by Voice Over Man.

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