The Snow In The Summer Or So-So

The 2006 Prediction Game

The Final Scores

The list of players, their selections and scores for the 2006 Prediction contest.

Sir QK52.9
In the kitty£4.08
24 JanO1: Liberal seats, Canada103
24 FebF1: Xetra DAX5870.79
25 MarS1: Indian golds at Commonwealth Games26
21 AprF2: CAD/AUD1.18054
20 MayO2: Cyprus votes in Eurovision0
14 JunE1: Peak DOND rating4.66
14 JulE2: Express over Times187,867
03 AugE3: Radio 2 audience (m)13,288,000
21 AugS2: Eng/Pak extras350
29 SepF3: Gold price599.25
31 OctO4: Internet people3
21 NovS3: UK's 2nd tennis ranking39
30 NovF4: Peak Fed Funds
03 DecE4: Album chart highest new entry aggregate267
13 DecS4: FA Cup extensions42
19 JulO3: Max temperature200
Predictions - Finance
Brig5353 C0.91.19 B11.2504 C04.75 A0
Cheekbones5806.2 C9.91.185 C11.3480.77 D0.54.5 A0
Chickenfeet5000 C01.13 B1.3450 C05 C4.1
Jiggers5777 D8.71.17 D9.3577 D7.14 D0.2
O'mel5460 B0.11.18 D10530 D2.54.5 A0
Sir QK5400 D4.21.18 D10589 B7.44.5 B0
Weaver5624.2 C4.81.1745 C11616.25 D7.84.75 A0
Predictions - Sport
Brig41 C0187 C027 C036 C0.1
Cheekbones28 B0320 C122 B058 D0
Chickenfeet40 C0400 B057 D040 C4.1
Jiggers40 D0377 D4.4 77 D047 D2.3
O'mel25 D7140 D026 D050 D0.6
Sir QK45 D0180 D0 60 B050 D0.6
Weaver36 B0297 C051 D043 D8.1
Predictions - Entertainment
Brig4.7 B11760000 C014 B0.560 B0
Cheekbones3.35 C0128544 D013.265 C11.7482 C0
Chickenfeet3.1 C0110000 C012.5 D5.51500 D0
Jiggers3.47 D0.177777 D012.777 D7777 D0
O'mel3.5 D0.1100000 D013.38 D9.490 C0
Sir QK4.5 B2.525000 D013.57975 D8.3180 D0
Weaver4.13 D2.658000 C012.985 C7.8423 D0
Predictions - Other
Brig130 B08 B0211 C3.33 B15
Cheekbones130 B06 B0158 D0.43 C12
Chickenfeet115 B02 D0221 A05 B0
Jiggers127 D0.27 A0177 D2.57 A0
O'mel140 C00 A20190 D6.23 A20
Sir QK118 D1.56 B0 220 D3.23 D10
Weaver143 D00 A20206 C6.67 B0
Free Predictions
PlayerPrediction 1NoScorePrediction 2NoScorePrediction 3NoScore
BrigReading50Nintendo30Pet Shop Boys20
CheekbonesCatalan Dragons60Take That23.3Ghana50
ChickenfeetIraq 50GM40Paul Martin46.7
O'melBig Brother40African Cup23.3EU50
Sir QKDOND Feb20EastEnders60England40
WeaverKennedy resigns11.7Forest Green23.3Countdown11.7

Interpretation: correct predictions will have a yellow background. Contestants will score 1 2/3 points for each person who said "No" if the prediction comes true; if it does not, they score nothing. Two points are shared between those contestants who give the correct answer below:

Voting on Free Predictions

The full text of the predictions is as follows:

Brig: V1 Reading will win The Championship 05/06 by a minimum of 18 points. No, 30 Apr
V2 The Nintendo Revolution (codename) will get a release in the UK by the end of August 2006. No, 31 Aug
V3 The first single from the Pet Shop Boys' new album will make the Top 5 in the singles charts.No, 21 May

Cheekbones: Q1 Catalan Dragons will reach the rugby league Super League play-offs in 2006. No, 20 August
Q2 Take That will have a top ten single. Yes, 19 November
Q3 Ghana will reach the World Cup quarter-finals. No, 26 June

Chickenfeet: T1 There will be less than 1000 British troops in Iraq on Sept 30. No, 29 Sept
T2 General Motors will file for bankrupcy protection before November 1. No, 1 Nov
T3 Paul Martin will resign as Prime Minister of Canada before Nov 30. Yes, 24 Jan

Jiggers: W1 The new Wembley Stadium will beat the construction delays and host the FA Cup final in May 2006.No, 21 Feb
W2 Either the Prime Minister of the UK on 30th November 2006 is Tony Blair or the UK has no Prime Minister on 30th November 2006.Yes, 30 Now
W3 Iain Weaver will publicly self-identify as having a Significant Other on 30th November 2006 who is at least as significant as any he has had in 2005.Yes, 30 Now

O'mel: P1 The winner of Channel 4's Big Brother will not enter the house on Day 1. No, 18 August
P2 The 2006 African Nations Cup will be won by a team which failed to qualify for the World Cup.Yes, 10 Feb
P3 At least one country will begin formal proceedings to leave the European Union before 30 November 2006.No, 30 Now

Quirks: R1 In at least five episodes of Deal or No Deal in February, the player will win less than the viewer competition prize for that day. No, 28 Feb
R2 EastEnders will introduce a Wednesday episode by June 30. No, 30 June
R3 England will fail to reach the last eight of the World Cup. No, 25 June

Weaver: U1 Charles Kennedy will have resigned as Liberal Democrat leader by 31 May. Yes, 7 Jan
U2 Forest Green Rovers will play in the Conference National in August 2006. Yes, 29 Apr
U3 The next Countdown final will feature Conor Travers, or the number one seed, or both.Yes, 17 May