The Snow In The Summer Or So-So

The 2005 Prediction Game

Last updated: 31-xii

The list of players, their selections and scores for the 2005 Prediction contest.

The final scores
Dumb Genius71.9
Final prize£5.53
31 JanF1: GBP/YEN194.97
15 FebO1: Google count8,058,044,651
01 MarP1: IE %age80
19 MarS1: Scotland 6 nations84
09 AprS2: Grand National11
15 MayP2: Stamped mail2
21 MayE1: Eurovision 3rd158
28 JunP5: LJ post 1200179
01 JulE2: Countdown133
15 JulO2: Telegraph ABC903,000
14 AugS3: EU athletics33
26 AugF2: CAC-404342.70
31 AugP3: Train trips29
12 SepS4: Ashes openers1536
08 OctO3: Temperature16
30 OctF3: Brent oil59.27
01 NovP4: Sandwiches13
07 NovF4: EUR/USD1.1812
08 DecF5: BoE Base rate
08 DecO4: Labour votes9,580,000
08 DecO5: Conservative seats198
19 DecE4: University Challenge4550
25 DecE5: PI/SA weeks78
28 DecE3: ITV1 cancellations6
31 DecS5: Chelsea Goals96
Predictions - Finance
Brig203 B1.54000 D4.340 C01.5000 B04.25 A0
Matt199.5 D8.24000 D4.344 D0.11.2000 D8.74.25 D5.8
O'mel205 C3.63900 D3.145 D0.21.2500 D5.64.25 C3.2
Cheekbones198.25 C8.83900.25 D4.235.50 C01.4065 D0.64.25 A0
Jiggers199 B6.13950 C0.837 D01.3000 D3.14.75 D5.8
Weaver197.17 C9.93825.83 D2.346.25 D0.31.4650 C04.25 B0.4
Dumb Genius202.02 C5.64010.04 D4.442.42 D01.5000 C05.50 C0
Chockers208 C2.23815 C0.233.50 B01.3200 C0.24.50 A20
Predictions - Sport
Brig60 C013 A035 B0.21506 C8.4171 B0
Matt0 A010 D3.635 D5.41800 D0.9150 D0
O'mel60 D010 D3.636 D3.62200 D0.0105 D3.5
Cheekbones74 C0.25 C047 D01589 D7.3112 D1
Jiggers80 D6.319 D039 D0.71200 D0.3100 D6.8
Weaver68 C011 B1542 C01593 D7.198 B6.1
Dumb Genius71 C033 D045 C01600 C4.9111 C0
Chockers62 C020 D040 D0.32100 B0.0101 C3.6
Predictions - Entertainment
Brig234 C0127 B1.113 A04000 C0.217 D0
Matt220 D0125 D5.58 D04000 D2.3100 D0
O'mel270 D0132 C10.66 D103980 D2.275 D7
Cheekbones200 D0.1132 C10.64 D03750 D0.845 D0
Jiggers270 D0135 C9.29 D04500 D9.375 D7
Weaver278 C0125 B0.26 C124250 C2.4120 D0
Dumb Genius180 D1.6128 C5.46 C124500 C10.323 C0
Chockers240 B0130 D5.510 D04000 B075 C5.3
Predictions - Other
Brig8,234,567,890 C7.9850,000 C2.912 A09,800,000 C7.8200 C9.1
Matt8,000,000,000 D9.4850,000 D5.612 D0.18,000,000 D1.0170 D1.7
O'mel8,400,000,001 D6.7904,000 D9.98 D08,500,000 D2.6230 D0.9
Cheekbones8,354,956,610 D7.1855,000 D6.016 B1510,250,000 D4.8170 D1.7
Jiggers8,058,044,651 A20.0850,000 D5.618 D2.110,000,000 D6.6200 D8.8
Weaver8,365,000,000 C5.4886,000 C8.512 B09,960,000 D6.9210 C2.2
Dumb Genius8,058,044,651 A20.0843,000 C2.27 A09,800,000 B5.4165 C0
Chockers9,000,000,000 D2.4878,500 C7.011 D08,650,000 C0.6175 C0.3
Predictions - Personal
Brig76 B0.74 A035 B013 C12125 B0.0
Matt75 D5.36 D060 D020 D0300 D0.0
O'mel71 D2.64 D046 D015 C097 C0.0
Cheekbones81 D9.09 D040 D08 D0315 C0.0
Jiggers70 D2.16 D040 D018 D0182 D8.7
Weaver73 B04 A045 C012 B098 B0.0
Dumb Genius69 C0.15 A050 D010 A095 D0.0
Chockers68 C05 A030 D7.317 C0195 C0.9