The Snow In The Summer or So-So

The Snow In The Summer or So-So

Sun 28 May 2006

Music in week 21

Time to look around Europe; it's too soon for Lordi to have a massive hit across the continent, that will come shortly. Pakito heads the list in France, ahead of a duet between Gregory Lemarchal and Lucie Silvas. Les Enfoires (whoever they are) have Le temps qui court, which may or may not be a translation of that old Barry Hammilow number Could it be magic. Shakira holds off Eurovision failures Texas Lightning in Germany, and Elias and Frans combine for Who's da'man at the top in Sweden; Carolan's Eurosong is number 3. Other entries of note include Dangerzone, from the new Vanilla Ninja Sing The Gladiators album in Estonia, and Digitally bright from Brainstorm in their native Latvia.

North Europe's Top Twenty

*20 NE Texas Lightning - No no never
 19 14 Bob Sinclar - World hold on
 18 18 Diams - La boulette
 17 11 Juanes - La camisa negra
 16  4 Kelly Clarkson - Because of you
 15 10 Najoya Bejel - Gabriel
*14 NE Lordi - Hard rock hallelujah
 13 17 Pigloo - Le papa pingouin
 12  7 Rhianna - SOS
 11  9 Corinne Bailey Rae - Put your records on
 10 re Kooks - Naive
* 9 13 Dirty Pretty Things - Bang bang you're dead
  8  3 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani california
  7  5 Orson - No tomorrow
* 6 16 Snow Patrol - You're all I have
* 5 NE Daz Sampson - Teenage life
  4  2 Mary J Blige / U2 - One
* 3 12 Beatfreaks - Somebody's watching me
* 2  8 Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
* 1  1 Shakira - Hips don't lie

All three new entries are from Eurovision entries; this week's chart includes all the airings of last week's Eurovision contest, and Daz was almost ubiquitous on Sunday before Britain remembered that it doesn't actually like losers. They join a cover of Luxembourg's 1980 entry, Le papa pingouin, which has been doing great things in France and Belgium for the last couple of months.

Week nine for Gnarls, but a change is on the way. Warner Brothers has decided to delete the record, effective to-morrow. Under the simply barking ROPRA rules, wherever it is on the chart three weeks to-day will be the records' final place. It could be the first record to spend exactly twelve weeks on the list, and there's a very good chance that it will beat the Wedding Present's record drop, from 12 to outside the top 75.

Number two is Sandi Thom, the latest Next Big Thing From The Interweb. Except her people have been telling an awful lot of fibs. The facts are these: 1) Thom signs to SonyBMG under the management of Craig Logan from Bros. 2) Johnny Walker plays her record to death. 3) It gets to number fiftysomething. 4) Thom streams some performances over the interweb courtesy of the SonyBMG technical gurus. 5) SonyBMG issue a load of bullshit press releases, claiming the order of the previous steps was 4-3-1. 6) Hit! All this nonsense leaves a sour taste surrounding a nostalgic single, albeit one that incorrectly proclaims the era of revolution is over.

Primal Scream have the biggest hit of their career, as Country girl climbs to 5. The Ordinary Bores and Lady Chavereign reach position 6 with 9 to 5 - it's a re-make of Chav's minor hit from last autumn, no kin to similar hits by Peggy Parton or Sheila Easton. Matt Wills From Busted is up to 7, the smallest hit of his career; Daz Sampson's Eurovision failure climbs to 8, which will tie with the biggest hit from Bus Stop and is one place behind Uniting Nations' biggest; it's the most successful UK failure since Gina G topped the list in 1996. Feeling climb to 10, and Nerina Pallot to 14, both got full releases this week, both are worth finding.

Pre-release download smashes from Keane (15), Pink (19), Bert Bills (22), and the Futureheads (24) mean the Highest "New" Entry Proper honours are with Michael Kiddyfiddler Jackson - Heal the world is the latest in his limited edition re-release series, and can only make position 27. Originally, this rip-off of We are the world was number 2 in December 1992.

On the albums, three weeks for the RHCPisspoors, with Feeder and Snow Patrol each advancing one place. Zero 7 have the highest new entry at number 4, ahead of the Pet Shop Boys (5) and Angels and Airwaves (6). Pink enjoys a bounce, and her album's up too, with Boy Kill Boy making number 16 with their album of Killers sound-a-likes.

Here's the good stuff on the singles listing:

 2 15 Sandi Thom - I wish I was a punk rocker
 5 23 Primal Scream - Country girl
 7 52 Matt Willis - Up all night
 8 12 Daz Sampson - Teenage life
10 28 Feeling - Fill my little world
11  5 Beatfreaks - Somebody's watching me
14 37 Nerina Pallot - Everybody's gone to war
18  9 Sunblock / Robin Beck - First time
19 NE Pink - Who knew?
20 13 Kooks - Naive
21 11 Orson - Bright idea
24 NE Futureheads - Skip to the end
25 16 Snow Patrol - You're all I have
28 18 Raconteurs - Steady as she goes
31 24 Fall Out Boy - Dance dance
32 27 Orson - No tomorrow
33 21 Dirty Pretty Things - Bang bang you're dead
36 NE Taking Back Sunday - Make damn sure
41 NE Mystery Jets - You can't fool me Dennis
44 34 Corinne Bailey Rae - Put your records on
45 20 Angels and Airwaves - The adventure
46 31 Boy Kill Boy - Suzie
47 25 Pet Shop Boys - I'm with stupid
48 40 Pink - Stupid girls
51 36 Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla
52 35 Upper Room - Black and white
54 50 Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats
56 45 Panic At The Disco - But it's better if you do
58 39 Eddie Thoneick / Kurd Maverick / Loletta Holloway
        - Love sensation
63 49 We Are Scientists - Nobody move nobody get hurt
64 71 Source - You got the love
69 70 Fall Out Boy - Sugar we're going down
71 NE Paul Simon - Father and daughter
72 47 Beverley Knight - Piece of my heart
73 65 Zutons - Why won't you give me your love?
75 67 Embrace - Nature's law

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