The Snow In The Summer or So-So

The Snow In The Summer or So-So

Tue 18 Apr 2006

Ooh! An idea!

A thought on how to resolve the political party funding row: insist that a sizable proportion of the money that's spent in one area (Westminster constituency, local council) be raised within that area. Start at a moderately low level - say, 20% - and ramp up at a fair clip to 60% after four years. The final figure has to be the majority of spending, to ensure that local money dominates, but should allow for some campaigning at a higher level. If councillors and MPs are forced to rely on the people who they represent for financial support, it would do a lot to focus their minds on the concerns of their constituents.

Why might this not happen? Ooh, that's devolution talk, that is. It reduces the central command party, something that is complete and utter anathema to the Blairite Politbureau. For more sensible party leaders - Dave, Ming, Alex - the stick is there. Go beat the corrupt with it.

posted 18 Apr 2006, 18.32 +0100


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