The Snow In The Summer or So-So

The Snow In The Summer or So-So

Wed 22 Mar 2006


Thanks to a rights grab by Rupert Creamymuckmuck, we are, regrettably, reduced to taking very short highlights from yesterday's PCB event.

Charles Clarke, who still refuses to listen to his constituents and still hasn't resigned: "No consistency whatsoever."

Edward Garner, "If they were intellectually honest and confident about their policy they would have called the Identity Cards Bill the national identity register Bill... When the current Prime Minister was Leader of the Opposition shortly before the 1997 election, he clearly opposed identity cards, which he thought were a waste of money and an invasion of civil liberties. He did not think that the Labour party could possibly countenance them under his leadership. I cannot imagine what has happened to him since... The Prime Minister's skills ought to be trumpeted up and down the country. He is a master at saying one thing and meaning another."

"If compulsion by stealth is so good and so popular, why do not the Government have the self-confidence to try voluntary take-up? If the public are sufficiently attracted and follow the arguments on cost, they will flock into the gulags and processing places so that their information can be put on the national identity register."

Nick Clegg, "Giving voters the opportunity to make up their own minds at the next general election is a more democratic and accountable way of resolving this issue than resorting to the semantics to which this Government have subjected us for so long."

Mark Fisher, "The Home Secretary must accept that there is a strong feeling on both sides of the House and both sides of the argument that this is, essentially, a surrogate compulsory Bill and we need to clarify that. Those of us who believe that the scheme should be voluntary should have the chance to put their case and the Home Secretary, who I think in his heart believes in a universal, compulsory card, should clarify that. We have to find a compromise."

The word from the Professionals: Bogies.

Live coverage will continue on Snot Sport in the very near future.

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