The Snow In The Summer or So-So

The Snow In The Summer or So-So

Sat 04 Mar 2006

It's the easy photo-op where you can get the best picture

A disclaimer: I have no particular opinion on the seal-hunt off the Atlantic Coast. But I do have a position on a fair argument.

Paul Fab Macca Whacky Thumbs Aloft!!! McCartney popped up on this morning's Larry King Live (Still, But Only Just). His purpose in being there was to spend half an hour putting his side of the argument about the Newfoundland seal hunt. Over and over, a partisan video credited to The Humane Society of the United States was aired, including some very emotive footage of clubs being used to kill the animals. Now, what locus do these foreigners have in the Gulf? Historians will recall that Newfoundland voted by a mile not to join the United Stations in 1949.

If Mr Fab Macca - or his wife, Screech-Owl Mills-Macca - wants to dispute the opinion of vetinarians, who say that the killing is done in as humane a manner as possible, then let them produce evidence. All we got from this was further confirmation that Mr Fab Macca is not capable of presenting a fair and balanced position.

If I were scoring this under the Question Muck rules, then Danny Williams (Premier, Newfoundland-Labrador) is the clear winner. He got barely a third of the air-time granted to Fab and Screech-Owl Macca, and put his case in a calm and rational manner. Bonus points for getting a mention in for the over-fishing by the Spanish trawlers on the Grand Banks. Screech-Owl got a lot of muck, for butting in on the conversation and generally acting like an arse.

Loser, though, is CNN's reputation for impartiality; this was a 30-minute uninterrupted fund-raiser for the advocacy group, without an equal 30-minute rebuttal.

Two other points: Fab Macca, you will find that Charlottetown is on Prince Edward Island. Which is not part of Newfoundland. It's like saying that the Macca's home on the Mull of Kintyre is in Wales. And Larry King, you will find that the correct way of pronouncing the province's name is not New Finland, it's new-f'nd-LAND, emphasis on the final syllable, to rhyme with understand.

Does OFCOM cover impartiality on CNN?

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