The Snow In The Summer or So-So

The Snow In The Summer or So-So

Sat 04 Mar 2006

Talking to the top

So, Mister Tony Blair reckons that he had a conversation with God before invading Iraq. We got in touch with The GOD Organisation; their president was unable to return calls, but we must thank the very helpful secretary who was working the press office this morning. So, spokesdeity, did the British PM contact you?

"Ah, yes, The GOD Organisation does hae a record of Mister Blair's correspondence."

And what did you say to him?

"No, I can't tell you what we said. It's covered by our usual client-deity confidentiality clause."

But did you send some sort of message to him?

"It is The GOD Organisation's standard practise to send a response. This case was handled according to our usual protocols."

What form did this message take?

"Again, the client-deity protocol prevents us from discussing the exact forms we use. Do remember that The GOD Organisation prides itself by moving in mysterious ways."

Did your organisation use a burning bush?

"(laughter) No, the burning bush metaphor was one of our less successful devices to attract attention. That was over 4000 years ago, and we've become much, much more subtle since. Though it may be an idea we'll reconsider as a publicity stunt"

Ms Loki, thank you.

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