The Snow In The Summer or So-So

The Snow In The Summer or So-So

Thu 02 Mar 2006

Also happening...

The Lib Dems election result has come through, and it's a win for Ming. Another piece of earthenware in a leading position. Excellent. Some leadership election campaigns electrify the party. Some just sit and fester until they finish. As an outsider, the LD campaign has definitely been in the latter category. There may have been discussion of policy, but nothing to set the nights on fire - and goodness knows we've needed it.

In Canada, we note one of the tips for the Liberal party leadership ... Mr Kennedy.


Is this evidence of a genuine change in the Conservative party? Stephen Dorrell, not exactly a wimp when he was in cabinet, has spoken in favour of the public sector.

We are committed to the importance of wealth creation. There is no purer form of wealth creation than good health or a broad education. Both healthcare and education are wealth-creating activities and should be regarded as such.

We have been poor at expressing our ambition for these services; we have been defensive about them. We should be explicitly committed to the growth of these services and demonstrate we are excited about them.

We should not regard them as something that we have to deal with as part of the price of being in politics. It is part of the reason for being in politics to be engaged in the delivery of better quality public services.

One swallow doesn't make a summer, but the question we need to ask: will the Tories be any worse at what they do than Labour's continued tinkering and half-baked reforms?

Cliff notes

Proof that Radio 2 is the new Radio 1: they've invited notorious drunkard Cliff Evans to host their drive-time show from the start of next month. Couldn't they find someone a bit more credible, like Uncle Mike Stand? There's now no reason to listen to the channel between 2pm and 7pm, a huge chunk out of the day's schedule.

The dumper beckons

According to Wired magazine, it's weally, weally difficult. Bunkum. Try Majestic 12, with its unique Only Looking At The Useful Bits filter, and the Still In Alpha cool.

We would, at this point, like to plug the new Popjustice podcast. Only we can't. In their infinite* wisdom, the smart-arses have decided to release it only in M4A format. This is a vendor-specific format. It's like producing a magazine of interest throughout the world, but only selling it to Australians. No-one in their right mind would do that ... oh.

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