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12/04/2006 - 12/10/2006

Mon 04 Dec 2006

Two Songs a Week 49: One Year Wonder

Some performers have just one hit, then fade away as quickly as they rose up. They're commonly referred to as one-hit wonders. For some reason, there's no such term for performers who shoot to fame, have a number of hits over a short period of time, and nothing afterwards. People like Tiffany, whose UK hitmaking capacity was confined precisely to 1988, might be known as one-year wonders.

Another one-year wonder, this time from 1996, was 3T. Toriano, Taryll, and Tito were the sons of Tito Jackson, brother of The Famous Michael «Kiddyfiddler» Jackson. Their album, Brotherhood, sold zillions of copies in 1996, and - thanks to their connection with The Famous Kiddyfiddler, who appeared on some backing vocals - the group found open doors where most of their peers saw blocks of wood.

Time has not been kind to 3T, and they've completely disappeared into The Memory Hole of acts popular in the mid-90s. It's hard to remember the titles of the group's three top three singles in the UK, kept off by the behemoths of Babylon Zoo, the Spice Girls, and Peter Andrex.

Perhaps that's because, after this fantastic start, their career stalled into nothingness. Spots on the soundtrack to Men in Black turned into such mass-market nepotism as The Jacksons: an American Dream, and the last report we have is of them appearing at a birthday bash for Schipol Airport.

The three hits were Anything, Why, and I need you.

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Two Songs a Week
Education (not) for hire

Aston University has told the NUS: get stuffed. The organisation, based in north Birmingham, has decided that it can do better things with its £23,500 annual membership fee. During the vote - which split 55-45 against continuing membership - the national squad bussed in a coach-load of staff to flog the benefits to the students. They may as well sent a John Major-o-gram, who would just have turned up, spent ten minutes in the corner, and left. Aston will join Edinburgh, St Andrews, Dundee, Southampton, Sunderland, and Glasgow as entire universities outside the NUS. Imperial London, long-time refusniks, voted last month to return, while UMIST rejoined following its merger into Manchester Uni. The NUS has consistently refused to accept the Open University, claiming (with some validity) that this would make the institution by far the largest. We note that neither the NUS nor University Challenge wants to be associated with Open, and wonder which will blink first.

And now for something completely different. From the letters page of to-day's Indytab:

Previous correspondence has referred to Mark Hucknall's grading of sudoku puzzles as being somewhat arbitrary, but on Saturday (2 December) he excelled himself by grading the same puzzle as both intermediate and advanced!

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Wed 06 Dec 2006

Orders of the day

* Forms of address. If someone wishes to be called Ms. Jean Smith, then call her Ms. Jean Smith. Do not call her Miss Jean Smith, Mrs. Jean Smith, or Mrs. John Smith; this would be presumptive and rude, and we're only rude in this way to Mrs. Tony Blair.

* Selection of teams for the NCAAball Notional Championship. There is a general consensus that a national champion must be a conference champion. The only possible exception I can think of is in a round-robin league (such as the "Big" East), where (for instance) Louisville narrowly loses to Rutgers, both sides winning their remaining divisional matches. Rutgers loses all their out-of-division matches to sides like Buffalo and Miamiohio and Hicksville Junior High; Louisville beats highly-regarded teams such as Ohiostate and Southerncalifornia and Notredame. Though not divisional champs, Louisville has a far better claim to a notional title game than Rutgers.

* NEW AMSTERDAM: Wonderful World - Anthony Lane on the myth and life story of Walter Disney.

* BAR: Mr Bother chides the world for insisting that their favourite festive song is Fairytale of New Amsterdam, a tune that will be playing Eligibility Hokey-Cokey with the top 40 this year. Here at The Snow In The Summer, we think it's still far too warm to be thinking about Yuletide, and we will continue thinking that until there is some frost on the ground. So about 1 February, then.

* OTTAWA: There will be a debate to-morrow in the Commons to remove the right of same-sex couples to marry. It is not expected to pass; while the governing Conservatives and main opposition Liberals will have a free vote, minor opposition parties BQ and NDP will be whipped into the no lobby. Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper has said that when this procedural motion falls, debate on the matter would be finished. (CBC)

* OSLO: Lap-dancing is an art form, says a court. The ruling means that striptease clubs need not pay Norway's 25% VAT rate. (UDR)

* LONDON: Police are treating the death of Alexander Litvienko as murder. (AJ)

Bollards and other traffic-calming measures, discussed on Architectures of Control.

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Thu 07 Dec 2006

Two Songs a Week 50 - Mobile Home of Balloons

Caravan of love (m/l: Ernie Isley, Chris Jasper, Marvin Isley) was originally recorded by the writers under the name Isley-Jasper-Isley, for their 1985 album of the same name. Chris Jasper said that he wrote the song in order to set his religious beliefs into a worldly context. Released in the UK in December 1985, the single narrowly missed the official top 40, but received good notices in the weekly music press.

There was enough buzz around the song to bring it to the attention of the fourth best band in Hull. The Housemartins (for it was they!) moved from indie hitmakers to mainstream heroes during 1986, and capped their year by releasing an a capella cover of the Isley-Jasper-Isley song. It quickly became clear that the Housemartins' version was going to be a significant hit, and a sure-fire holder of the Coveted Christmas Number One Single slot. Except it wasn't; by reaching the top on 16 December 1986, the group had left a one-week gap for another record to creep through and steal their crown. And so it turned out - a re-release of Jackie Wilson's Reet petite moved to the top on 23 December, and the most surefire CCNOS was a Not-So-Coveted Christmas Number Two Single. The Housemartins split in 1988, forming the Beautiful South and Fatboy Slim, but not before Radio Active writer Philip Pope had put forward a memorable satire on pop stars (such as Paul Heaton of the 'Martins) tackling social issues, with a ditty entitled Mobile home of love.

There the story rested for two decades. Twenty years was also the length of time between substantial hits for Nena. After the substantial success of 99 Luftballoons (99 Red Balloons, for UK readers), the German songstress vanished into pop's dreaded Ver Dumper. She clambered out in early 2005 with the sensual number Liebe ist (Love is), which knocked the unstoppabble Schnappi from the top spot in March of that year. Nena's version returns the backing instruments to the track, and features guest vocals by Duncan Townsend. It's included on her forthcoming album of songs by other people, wittily entitled Cover Me.

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Two Songs a Week

Two weeks ago, someone plugging Nikkogen, a vendor claiming to offer a perpetual motion machine (pat. pending), left an unsolicited commercial comment with Tim Worstall.

As anyone with a basic understanding of entropy, thermodynamics, or the songbook of Flanders and Swann will tell you, you can't pass heat from the cooler to the hotter. It appears that Nikkogen had failed to anticipate questions on this subject being asked on this week's University Challenge, but that's OK, they're not selling a time machine, just a perpetual motion machine.

There we would have left it, had Nikkogen left it. The rationalist behind The Ministry of Truth has received a snot-o-gram from Nikkogen insisting that the company has defied the laws of thermodynamics, and insisting that the Min. of Truth removes all referencs to Nikkogen within one calendar week. A similar snot-o-gram has been received by Mat GB, and probably others. Nikkogen claims that Mr. Worstall has withdrawn his statement that the company's product does not work. Mr. Worstall has done no such thing, and comments there give details of Nikkogen's owners and its product (pat. pending).

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Fri 08 Dec 2006

Save the coach; save the world

A very good proposal in George Monbiot's column in Het Grauniad this week. He's backing Alan Storkey's proposal for an enhanced coach network. Rather than have massive hubs in city centres, put them at key motorway junctions, and extend local transport out to meet them. Then, on busy stretches of motorway, and in urban areas, create dedicated bus and coach lanes.

So rather than construct a new Digbeth coach station in Digbeth, the best site for Birmingham would have been in Aston, just off the Expressway. In fairness, Birmingham is not so bad. It's places like Oxford, where Monbiot describes the streets as built for ponies, that would most benefit from a coach parkway.

It's a stupendously good idea, and I can't see any logical objection to its implementation. But giving some prestige to the coach will not exactly line the pockets of the car and plane lobby; it's no wonder that the current profit-obsessed government dismisses it out of hand.

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Sat 09 Dec 2006

Doing good

Sarah Wheeler goes to Malawi to see how microloans help. Readers may wish to donate money at Opportunity International

Readers with footware to spare can donate used shoes to this year's Blue Peter appeal.

Et c'est le jour pour le telethon; on peux aider: tappez 3637, ou visitez telethon point fr.

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Game Show Of The Day

Guy Smiley (for it is he): Helllllooooooooo! And welcome to the Game Show Of The Day, where one lucky viewer can win something from the back of our prize cupboard. And to-day's Game Show Of The Day is....

Name That Airport!

Our contestant is Robin from Leicester. Robin, all you've got to do is tell me the name of the airport nearest to you in these three years. First, what was the airport's name in 2000?

That's easy, Guy. East Midlands Airport.

In 2005?

Nottingham East Midlands Airport.

And in 2008?

(blows out) East Midlands Airport - Nottingham, Derby, Leicester.

Is the right answer! Yes, you win a two-week holiday for four in one of Nottingham, Derby, or Leicester! Yaaaaaaay!

Meanwhile, the viewer question. True or false: wii is a greeting in parts of Newcastle-upon-Tyne? To enter, tappez the number on screen, and you could win a prize from the back of our cupboard.

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News to use

OTTAWA: The debate over same-sex marriage is dead. A procedural vote to re-open the matter fell in the Commons on Thursday, by a margin of 175:123. Prime minister Stephen Harper confirmed that the homophobes had no plank left, I don't see reopening this question in the future. Twelve Conservatives, including six cabinet members, voted against the motion; thirteen Liberal members supported it. (CBC)

PERTH: The retirement of Damien Martyn, the Australian cricketer, has been announced with immediate effect. His side has taken a 2:0 lead in the best-of-five series against England, outclassing the visitors in the first match, and profiting as England pulled defeat from the jaws of a draw in the second. He will be replaced by Adam Voges for the third test, which begins next Thursday. (BBC)

LONDON: Following its fourth coup d'etat in the past twenty years, Fiji has been suspended from the Commonwealth. The democratically-elected government was overthrown on Tuesday. A previous coups in 2000, and two in 1987, led to similar suspensions until democratic rule was restored. (AJ)

OFCOM has approved the London station Smooth FM's request to change its format. Out will go a diet of repetitive soul music, and in comes a bunch of oldies, aimed at people 50 and over. At least 20% of its daytime playlist must be at least 40 years old - so most of the Beatles' output will count, but not (yet) the weirdy stuff. The station will have more speech, and will continue to play jazz in the evenings.

Mark Lawson writes at the over-decoration of television studios. Here at The Snow In The Summer, we still think it's far too hot to put up any decorations, and we won't even consider it until there's a frost on the ground, and the biathlon season has broken for the winter. (Guess who joined Andrea Henkel on the winners' roll yesterday. Go on, guess. And guess if he'll win the BBC's International Sports Personality of the Year on Sunday, in spite of being undefeated in eight races. First podium finish for China in the women's event, mind. And next week's round has moved from Osrbile to Hochfilzen, owing to a lack of snow.)

The death has been announced of David Bronstein, the chess grandmaster. (Also, but may contain traces of penguin.)

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Sun 10 Dec 2006

Pop the Question

Time to hand over to that expert on all things to do with popular music, Dr. Pop.

One of our regular readers asks after that well-known bore band, Ill Divo. Behind these four people lies a rather familiar hand: that of the well-known bacon fan Simon Cowell. His approximate brief was:

Find me four people who look so good even the straight men will fancy them a bit. It helps if they can hold a note, but it's amazing what we can do with a bit of multi-tuning.

Though classically trained (as opposed to being trained for musical theatre,) the Ills record from the popular music canon.

A very similar group, G4, emerged from the 2004 series of X-Factor (broadly similar to Pop Idle, but even more shit); they lost the final, but won the support of Piggy Cowell, and have had two hit albums, with even more threatened. The X-Factor winner doesn't enjoy Piggy's support, released his second album in October, only to see it chart at position 169.

I strongly suspect that the marketing success of Ill Divo and G4 have inspired Cowell to throw even more faux-classical slop at the Grate British Public - see the previous entry Choir Of The Year for most of the gory details. Angelis is his entry into a fast-crowded market, complete with appearances on Blue Peter. They'll be releasing a version of Sarah MacLachlan's Angel, and might yet make it a decent hit here, albeit in an inferior cover.

We have a tie, team

In a question posed to last week's chart commentary, Quirks asks if two records by the same act have ever been back-to-back in the top 40. Indeed they have, and my search doesn't have to go beyond Vera Lynn, who held positions 9 and 10 in the first ever chart, and it happened twice more in the remaining seven weeks of 1952. After singles sales increased from a few thousand to a few million per week during the mid-50s, the event became rarer, and is now (very roughly) a once-per-year phenomenon, of interest to list obsessives but few others.

Two in the top 10 is somewhat rarer, and I don't recall the feat happening since the Manics released two different singles in the same week in 2001. These spring to mind:

04/03/01 - Manic Street Preachers (8, 9)

26/12/93 - Meat Loaf (7, 8) - Riding high with his Bat II album, and the company with the rights to Bat I stuck out a single. The previous week had also seen two Dina Carroll recordings in the top ten; such duplication hadn't been seen since the 60s, according to Dr. Fox. (This chart is not archived at the UMD; readers may search for James Masterton's commentary.)

14/2/93 - Whitney Houston (4, 5) - That Bloody Song comes down from its million-year run at the top, and meets the Chaka Khan-covering follow up. (UMD chart for this date is the MRIB / Network Chart / NME one, which coincidentally had the top five, albeit in a different order.)

31/12/89 - New Kids On The Block (9, 10) - Their first single, a very moderate hit in summer 1989, is re-activated, and encourages double-purchasing with their recent number one. Beware of ten-year-olds bearing gift vouchers. This week also saw Jason Donovan featuring on Band Aid II (1) and his solo release (2).

14/8/85 - Madonna (1, 2) - In the nine-month period from May 85 to February 86, Madge had eight hits, all of them making the top five. Two from each of the Crazy For You and Desperately Seeking Susan soundtracks, two from the Like a Virgin album, and two re-issues from her first album, Madonna. Inevitably, there was some overlap - for much of the autumn, there were two or three hits in the top 20.

7 and 14/7/84 - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (1, 2) - With a new format of Two Tribes coming out every three weeks, the song remained at the top for two months. More formats of Relax were issued over the summer, prompting a turn-round from 31 at the start of May back to number 2 in July. It really was all downhill for the group from here.

Other notables include:

24/11/91 - Bryan Adams (34, 35) - One was There will never be another tonight the (rather good, and somewhat forgotten) third single from his album; the other was the tremendously overplayed lead single, taking a remarkable drop. (No UMD chart for this week)

24/1/83 - Jam (36, 37, 38, 39) - On the group announcing its split. (UMD chart is the NME top 30.)

16/11/96 - Oasis (34, 36, 38, 40) - The group had released two boxes for fans to put their singles in, and printed more copies of the CDs to fill the boxes. The remaining five releases occupied places down to 55. Creation had run a similar promotion in June 1995, leading to Oasis's six singles to that date all charting between 44 and 53.

With record companies happy to delay singles by weeks and even months so they didn't overlap, this sort of thing has become much less common. It will be interesting to see what happens when the physical requirement to chart is removed.

As for the strangest start to a chart show, let me bring up a piece of Regionalia! Back in the early 90s, BBC Radio Scotland had the contract to broadcast the Scottish Chart, which was simply the UK national chart with sales from England, Wales, and Northern Ireland removed. This was a far smaller sample than the national chart, and was subject to both regional variations and volatility arising from the paucity of data.

In this era, CIN's charts issued tied places where the estimated sales for two records were within 0.1 copies of each other. There would be a tie for position at least once a month, including one remarkable case of Joint Highest New Entries. Almost inevitably, the chart twice began with a tie for position 40, so host John Collins would begin with an announcement that this week's Top 40 contains... 41 songs! You don't get that sort of value-for-money from JK and/or Joel.

A similar tied places rule is in place to this day, but is rarely applied - the population sample has expanded from 70% to 97% of singles sales, and sales are now estimated to the nearest 0.001 copies. Since leaving Radio Scotland in 1993, the Scottish Chart has been networked across the country by independent radio stations, on-and-off; the chart currently broadcast is based primarily on airplay.

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Entertainment| Intellectual
Sports Poisonality of the Year

Exceedingly sour grapes from the Sunset Times about the BBC's Sports Review of the Year broadcast to-night. According to the World's Biggest Tabloid, people are alleging that the BBC has somehow rigged the selection process to ensure that it's not won by an unfunny comedian who swam the Channel in the name of charity.

The shortlist of ten individuals was compiled by votes from journalists, experts, online, and postal voting. Thirty-seven sets of votes were contributed; twenty national newspapers (nothing from the FT, or from the Racing Post), twelve regional papers (a heavy bias towards the West Midlands, and against the M62 corridor), and two comics joined the two public and one staff vote. M'learned friend Mr. Pokery reviews the complete set of nominations, and profiles all those who received at least two nods.

The Sunset Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and hence will never pass up an opportunity to bash the BBC. Even when its attacks have no base in reality, the organ will still bash the broadcaster. In that light, it's interesting to review the ten names it sent to the nomination process:

Joe Calzaghe (boxer, 31 noms)
Dee Caffari (sailor, only nom)
Nicole Cooke (cyclist, 20)
Matt Hampson (rugby, 1)
Monty Panesar (cricketer, 33)
Zara Phillips (eventer, 27)
Graham Poll (comedian, 2)
Hope Powell (footballer, 1)
Beth Tweddle (gymnast, 25)
Ian Woosnam (golf captain, 10)

Two points; Woosnam was one of four people with ten nominations chasing three places on the ballot, and was the one left out of the final ten. Hampson was left paralysed by a training accident in March 2005, and has not played since.

If the Sunset Times wanted David Walliams to win the title, surely the organ would have nominated him? The two nods came from the Daily Tabloid (another Murdoch organ) and the Evening Substandard (certainly not a Murdoch publication.) He didn't appear in the top ten of either public vote, which shows the depth of the well of support from which he's supping. The Sunset Times drones on:

When the shortlist was announced last week Walliams’s name was missing. Instead Phil "the Power" Taylor, the darts player, was said to have received more nominations.

There's no said to about it. He did receive more nominations. Eight more, in fact. And, even though Taylor wins the "world" championship shown to almost two people by Murdoch's local station Staines-Kingston-Yeading Television, his nominations include the BBC Experts Panel. The Sunset Times continues,

Viewers have claimed that if it had been left to the public vote Walliams was a certainty to be on the shortlist.

Er, no. Here's the Online Vote:

Joe Calzaghe
Darren Clarke (golfer, 32)
Nicole Cooke
Peter Crouch (footballer, 4)
Mick Gault (shooter, 1)
Monty Panesar
Steve Peat (downhill cyclist, 1)
Zara Phillips
Phil Taylor (dartist, 10)
Beth Tweddle

And here's the Postal Vote:

Jenson Button (car driver, 10)
Joe Calzaghe
Darren Clarke
Nicole Cooke
Darren Kenny (cyclist, paralympics, 1)
Monty Panesar
Zara Phillips
Shelley Rudman (skeleton bob, 7)
Phil Taylor
Beth Tweddle

The public did not vote for Walliams, it's that plain, it's that simple.

Ultimately, the Sunset Times is annoyed that the BBC can actually get the public to interact with its programmes. Channels like SKY, which subsist on a diet of parks football and watching grass grow, can only dream of audiences in single figures, never mind the millions who will tune in to the BBC presentation to-night.

Further reading: the top threes for 1954-2002.

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Print| Sport
Charts in week 49

A new number one in Germany, as Take That come straight in with their new single. Rosenstolz has a new one in the top ten, and into the top twenty comes a record by Heidi Klum, proving that it's not just the UK where over-paid, over-exposed, under-dressed women can have big hits. That's *hits*.

Markus Fagervall is the new number one in Sweden, with Everything changes, and the Poodles' recent hit climbs back from 35 to 7. And Denmark has a new number one - well, new in the sense that Trine Dyrholm's Mr. Nice Guy is back at the top in its 115th week on chart. Truly the Ole Einar Bjørndalen of popular music.

North Europe's Top Twenty

*20 NE Beyonce - Irreplaceable
 19  7 Pink - You and your hand
*18 NE Fratellis - Whistle to the choir
 17 13 Cascada - Everytime we touch
*16 19 Faudel - Mon pays
 15 14 Fatal Bazooka - Fous ta cagoule
 14 11 Silbermond - Das beste
 13  8 Muse - Starlight
 12  9 Snow Patrol - Chasing cars
*11 re Nadiya - Amies ennemies
 10 10 Akon - Smack that
* 9 NE Nelly Furtado - All good things
  8  6 Justin Numberwang - My love
  7  2 U2 / Green Dull - The saints are coming
* 6 17 Feeling - Love it when you call
  5  5 Depeche Mode - Martyr
  4  1 Razorlight - America
  3  4 Seizure Sisters - I don't feel like dancing
  2  3 Clitring Aguilera - Hurt
* 1 15 Take That - Patience

Take That's record - top of the charts in the UK and Germany - is the biggest across Northern Europe as a whole. Good climbs for the Feeling, and for Nadiya. Nelly Furtado's third hit of the year features Chris Martin from Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now, but this fact is not advertised on the European releases. Wonder why that is... Second hit single of the year for the Fratellis, and a bit of a lucky bounce for Bouncey, who has been hovering just outside the 20 for almost a month now.

No change in the top three, Take That hold off the combined challenges of Bootie Love and Akron. Highest new entry honours go to Lazy Town, aka Magnús Scheving, whose television show of exercises for four year olds requires a good beat. He ties Björk as the highest charting act from Iceland; Ms. Gudmundsdóttir also made number 4, with 1995's It's oh so quiet. Gwen Stiffeny's latest bundle of gobshite (sampling The lonely goat-herd, fercryinoutloud) charts at 8. Bring back Connie Fisher, all is forgiven. Jamelia hits number 10 on full release. Third single of the year for Mozza, and number 16 is not bad for a third Mozza single. I'm really not sure about Cascada's version of Truly madly deeply, new at 17. On the one hand, the original is a blast of pompous bombast; on the other, this is a cheese-fest of Gorgonzola proportions. Slade's festive classic returns to the lists at 22. One place lower, Our song deserves to be in the charts every year, says One Of The Pogues on Radio 1; thanks to the new chart rules, it will be. We would also be suffering through Mariah Cantsing if those new rules applied now. Let's be thankful for small mercies, and .

Dull stuff: Chris Cornell's Bond theme enters at 12, The Seizure Sisters (19) have an underperforming full release; Puff Daddy (20) is on downloads. Paulo Nutini, this year's David Gray, notches up a third hit, though only at 27. Little Chris makes 33 with his second single, suggesting the joke is now over, until we realise this one's on downloads. Remarkable falls for Muse and the Killers there. Jay Zed lands at 38. Good to see Thunder back in the top 40; The devil made me do it is their seventeenth top 40 hit in a career stretching back to 1990, but there's only one top 20 hit amongst them.

Outside the 40: Outwork makes 49, Embrace 54, Rapture 65. There are download entries for Lily Allen (53), Jordan and Andrex (56), Snoop Dogg and Ruth Kelly (62). Matt Willis may have won ITV's I'm Not A Celebrity, Revive My Career, but his single is only number 68 on downloads. That's still ahead of Chacarron, the tat from El Chombo that has been odds-on in the Christmas Number One Without X-Factor market. But no; it's in on downloads at number 75.

No major changes on the albums; Take That cling on at the top, beating Oasis and Pestside, and there are good climbs for Sugababes, Pink, James Morrison, and Fratellis. Highest new entry is from Gwen Stiffeny at 26, with Mary J Blige's singles collection (42), Little Chris (54) on next-to-no promotion, and an extended Babyshambles single (62). Flop of the week is Emma Bunton, the former Spice girl can only make 65. Huge climbs for Andrea Bocelli (84-35) and Take That's 1996 singles collection (69-36); a smaller uptick for Barry Manilow (70-56) after his appearance on last week's X-Factor broadcast.

Here's the good stuff on the singles listing:

 5  4 Nelly Furtado - All good things
13 12 Razorlight - America
14  9 Fratellis - Whistle for the choir
16 NE Morrisey - I just want to see the boy happy ^^
22 54 Slade - Merry xmas everybody ^^
23 46 Pogues and Kirsty MacColl
  - Fairytale of New Amsterdam
24 18 My Chemical Romance
  - Welcome to the black parade
29 10 Muse - Knights of Cydonia
32 22 Feeling - Love it when you call
35 15 Killers - Bones
37 28 Shakira - Hips don't lie
40 NE Thunder - The devil made me do it ^^
42 25 Lemar - Someone should tell you
45 40 High School Musical OCR
  - We're all in this together
46 41 High School Musical OCR - Breaking free
48 29 Damien Rice - 9 crimes
53 NE Lily Allen - Littlest things **
54 NE Embrace - I can't come down ^^
55 36 Pink - Nobody knows
57 45 Panic At The Disco
  - I write sins not tragedies
59 35 Lostprophets - Can't catch tomorrow
60 51 Pink - You and your hand
71 59 Sugababes - Easy
72 69 Goo Goo Dolls - Iris / Stay with you
73 73 Muse - Starlight

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Weather in week 49

Southerly winds continued, with particularly strong bursts on Monday evening and Thursday morning. A vigorous front crossed around 8am on Thursday, resulting in 11mm of rain falling here in just over an hour; the front reached north London three hours later, and caused a localised tornado.

04 Mo sun to cloud         6/12, 1.0
05 Tu wind, showers       11/13, 9.5
06 We cloud                8/ 9
07 Th rain o/n, showers    6/10,12.5
08 Fr sunny spells         6/ 8
09 Sa sun and showers      4/ 7
10 Su sun to rain          1/ 9, 5.0

Sunday's low was the coldest since the morning of 20 November, which dipped to freezing point. December has had 39.5mm of its average 62.5mm of rain. 17 degree heating days this week, the winter's total now 92, compared with 172/808, and 128/677½ in the past two winters.

Changeable for all parts, but it may well become more settled towards the south-east as high pressure builds from the continent; this will bring less rain and somewhat colder air.

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