The Snow In The Summer or So-So

07/24/2006 - 07/30/2006

Mon 24 Jul 2006

Two Songs a Week 15 - Wedding belles

It could be far, far worse. Here in Pop Corner, we're pretty miffed that Take That swept the board at last Sunday's Smash Hits Poll-Winner's Party again - they're really over the hill now. And it's a crime that there was nothing at all for Let Loose. The best newcomer award could have gone to someone really undeserving, like Whigfield. Instead, it went to Sean Maguire, who is utterly, utterly, utterly beyond description. Well, without using naughty words.

PJ and Duncan, aka Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelley, have ridden their fame from BBC1's Byker Grove and converted it into a decent enough singing career. I met them while they were promoting their single over the summer, and the way they kept a bunch of pre-teens - and us in the shop - entertained during a filthy thunderstorm puts the pair down as minor heroes. Their new single, Eternal love, is a welcome break from four previous kid-rap beats. It's a little unsettling at first, but then we realise that the lads aren't serenading each other, but are talking to their own birds. A bit like that Two Ronnies sketch where two halves of a telephone conversation make a whole. Like it a lot [...]

This year's Smash Hits Show On The Road roadshow was showing new bands on the roads before the show. Two-thirds were crap, there's no other way of putting it. Ultimate Kaos and MN8 are going to be massive in the new year, there's an awful lot of promotional muscle behind these interchangable rap and soul bands. Boyzone were awfully bland, but must have done something right, because they picked up the Show On The Road gong from the audience. My money's on Deuce, the latest product of the Stock / Aitken / Waterman studio. Even if 1995 turns out to be the year when alternative music hits the fore, there's going to be a space for cheesy pop.

I wasn't writing on the web in 1994. The above is what I might have been scribbling at that time. Events have happened since...

Confidential to Mr Choccers: The closest that PJnD and Deuce came in the top pop pop parade was on 19 Feb 1995, when PJnD were new at 15 with Our radio rocks and Deuce's Call it love slipped to 17. The record in the middle? Tocatta and fuge in F minor performed from the middle of a lake by Vanessa-Mae. Like I said, it could have been so much worse...

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Two Songs a Week
Hidden facts

It is a shame that Robert Fisk's reports from Beiruit are put immediately behind the Independent's paywall. Is it unreasonable to spread facts when others wish to misrepresent the truth?

Why did the Israelis attack and destroy the largest milk factory in Lebanon? Why did they destroy a paper box factory outside Beirut? And why did Israeli planes attack a convoy of new ambulances being brought into Lebanon from Syria yesterday?

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Tue 25 Jul 2006

Blimey, it's hot

Canicule is blamed for the complete failure of Myspace on Monday. The rubbish-looking website is entirely hosted on a server farm in Arizona West, where temperatures have been slightly higher than normal during recent days. When demand exceeded supply, and the power went out, so did the entire Myspace site. Do these dimwits not know anything about multiple locations? At least the owner (a Mr R. Murdoch of Sunsville) can hide behind the fact that this was beyond his control, unlike Livejournal's day-long failure caused by someone pressing the emergency stop button.

Here, temperatures are back up to 31°C, but help is on its way, with thunder arriving as early as to-morrow afternoon. Even at the week-end, the forecast was for no relief at all before Thursday.

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You will talk, and I shall listen

Back at the start of June, Six Apart was suffering from one of its many and regular bouts of stupidity. In the cross-fire, I picked up on someone asking if anyone was prepared to pick up sticks entirely. Two months after the event, there's a response.

I said,

The scarcely-literate Langsite wonders if anyone really will pack up sticks and leave Livejournal. Allow a brief moment for this writer to jump up and down like an over-excited eight-year-old and shout "Me, sir, me!" Six Apart will not get one penny from me while it continues to deny its obligations under the Livejournal Social Contract. Nor shall I act in any way that suggests it would be advantageous to pay money to those liars and cheats.

They said,

By gosh I think I have been besmirtched *laughing*

Talk about desperate for attention. Then trying to insult me (and not doing a very good job). What a creepy person. And beware, you might need to take a headache remedy before viewing the color scheme of this so called "blog".

Just mention "Live Journal" and watch the idiots come out of the woodwork.

I decline to comment on either ad hominem.

On the substantive point, I have taken a difficult decision, and - unlike many of the people mentioned in Langsite's recent post - I have stuck to my word, a claim that can be independently verified. In the interests of full disclosure, yes, I do have a replacement account elsewhere, and on a site that neutralises most of my criticisms against Six Apart.

Langsite is more than a little disingenuous in pointing out the current paid status of other accounts; the real test will come at the end of May next year. How many of those five will still be in paid time? If these are people of their word, then none of them will be.

As for Six Apart's new baby, Currybet had a go. Wondered how anyone would fare if they couldn't manage precise control over their mouse movements. A lot of the layers appeared to overlap. This doesn't spell good news for those of us who really don't like using mouses. Currybet's summary? I didn't think there was anything compelling enough about the service to make me want to continue to use it on a day-to-day basis.

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Wed 26 Jul 2006

To-day's top five

1. LD, Winchester will stand down at the next election, in order to change careers. Mr Oaten has been a moderately useful MP, competent in his own way, excellent at constituency affairs, but never seriously challenging for high office. He'll be best remembered for his unusual sexual practices. IDale wonders if boundary changes had any effect on his decision, remembering that Mr Oaten has never made Winchester a safe seat. The speculation that this is just a diversionary tactic from the main Lib Dem donor's court appearance on fraud charges is complete piffle. Surely this kind of grubbing is the preserve of Labour...


2. Pour la royaume-uni, la fin du canicule est près, so what better time for Het Grauniad to offer advice on how to survive la canicule. (Yes, I reckon «canicule&;raquo; is far better than "heat wave". It's French, so is automatically a degree cooler; and it makes sense when said in faux-Scottish.) Assuming the weather forecasts are moderately reliable, something approximating normal service may resume next week.


3. In the Levant, Israeli forces kill United Nations inspectors, in an attack described by Kofi Annan as "apparently deliberate". Jonathan Freedland's piece is interesting, not so much for his policy on the region, but for explaining the disconnect between the Israeli government viewpoint and a more balanced approach. And Eurotrib has a chart of the daily deaths.


4. The legality of the UK's involvement in the 2003 invasion of Iraq may - and we emphasise may - be tested in court. A ruling in the appeal court allows families of the dead to challenge the government's refusal to hold a public inquiry into how their offspring came to be in Mesopotamia.


5. Something I spotted in the European Press Review recently: unrest in France because the government there is imposing a quota system for migrants from the new EU member states. "Why can't we have open borders?" asks the opposition, in a debate that is the precise opposite of the one we're suffering in the UK.

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Thu 27 Jul 2006

An apology would be nice, but only if you mean it

Langsite is confused.

A certain person [link to this blog] whom claims to be independent from Live Journal posted in a friends locked entry of live journal, even though they claim to no longer use it because of Six Apart's policies. Yet they post in it and of coarse [sic] leave a link to this blog. My my my you lie like a rug.

They have a post and a link to have their friends list come here. I don't think that is completely independent from Live Journal. In fact she/he just made my orginal point.

For the hard-of-thinking, here's how it works.

1) I write in my blog, hosted at free-online.

2) The blog is read, dissected, and digested, and some people leave comments.

3) As a courtesy to readers, I allow Livejournal to take and display a summary of all posts. You do not know how difficult it was for Livejournal staff to do this very simple task, and even then they utterly botched it.

4) Readers then follow the links, and (if they wish) re-post them, because that is what blog readers do.

It would be absolutely trivial for me to block Livejournal's servers from this blog. I do not wish to do that, because I care about my readers. Equally, it would be absolutely trivial for me to direct visitors from Langsite to a debunking page. I do not wish to do that, because I care about honesty.

The facts are verifiable. I have not posted or commented to Livejournal since Six Apart attempted to ban us from running software on our machines in April. What other people do is entirely their call, for I do not control other people, and I do not seek to control other people.

To cut to the chase: Langsite has put forward no evidence whatsoever that I have misled anyone. I encourage Langsite to back up the claims, or withdraw the explicit accusation of lying and idiocy.

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Two Songs A Week 16 - Forget Sunscreen

Latest addition to the ongoing mixtape is from an unlikely source: Rene and Lene. That's the bald bloke and the lead popstrel from Denmark's biggest ever pop export, Aqua. After the group became the best thing about the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest, they figured that they couldn't possibly do anything bigger, and broke up.

But the tale goes back further, to the winter of 1997, when Doctor Jones was tearing up the pop world. Earlier that year, Mary Schmich had penned a fake speech, purporting to impart advice to young people. Australian auteur Baz Luhrmann set this work to the beat of Quindon Tarvener's performance of Rozalla's Everybody's Free, and released it as a single. Instant smash, naturally. Eighteen months later, the rest of the world caught up, and a slightly reduced version became a hit in the UK.

Enter, stage right, Mitch Hedberg, a stand-up comedian whose delivery was a bleak stream-of-consciousness rant. Rene reads out the words and puts them over a drum-beat, Lene adds a hook chorus, and - voila! A track that is either going to be the smash hit of the summer, or ridiculed as a complete rip-off of Baz's original.

Here's Underwear goes inside the pants, performed by Lazy B.

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Two Songs a Week
Losers and winners

Levant link of the day is from Jonathan Cook: "The massed ranks of US apologists for Israel are promoting at least four myths regarding Hezbollah’s current rocket strikes on Israel. Unless they are challenged at every turn, the danger is that they will win the ground war against common sense in the US."

Also worth a gander: Greg Palast says it's all about the oil. "Finding trouble - wars, coups d'etat, hurricanes, whatever - can disrupt supply, raising the price of oil."


In London, there's mutterings about corruption in the police following the botched job of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry. This is not news; immediately after the MacPherson inquiry reported in 1999, Private Eye carried reports that the lead detective was being bribed by the father of one of the suspects.


The Grauniad/ICM poll gives Con 39 ... Lab 35 ... LD 17 ... Oth 9. Bad news for Ming, good news for Dave. If we throw those raw numbers at DAVIDBUTLER, we get a slight whirring and cranking, then these results. Lab 312 ... Con 284 ... LD 18 ... Nat 11 ... Oth 21 ... LAB 12 short of majority

The raw changes from the last election are: Con +6.7 ... Lab -0.3 ... LD -5.6, which leads to a three-party transfer matrix of Con-LD +4.8 ... Con-Lab +1.9 ... Lab-LD implicit 0. In turn, feeding that matrix into DAVIDBUTLER gives some more whirring and cranking, then this. Lab 312 ... Con 256 ... LD 46 ... Nat 11 ... Oth 21 ... LAB 12 short of majority

The projection from local council by-elections has the Conservatives about a dozen short of the overall majority.

Sad to read that Floyd Landis has tested positive. ">Last week's ride looked superhuman. It may well have been.


New: BBC news videocasts, in MP4 format. So that'll be utterly useless, then. But if you want proper news, Thumper snapping at some politico, or the high-paced Day Today musings from Storyfix, off there y'go.

And we have the launch of Graun-24, the round-the-clock PDF service from Het Grauniad. It's not perfect - stories run on past page boundaries, but that's to be expected from a pilot. And eleven pages of newsbang for 250KB of your download time? Sounds good.

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Fri 28 Jul 2006

How very queer

M'learned friend Jaeda asks, in slightly different words,

why is someone being gay considered news? we don't randomly have news stories like "hey! Usher does women!" so how come a guy that umms other guys is news? or someone not being gay is news? a la "Oprah and Gail are NOT into the nah-nah!"

What we have in this case is an example of what we might term Global Village Gossip. A couple of centuries ago, when most people didn't travel outside of their village or local town, this sort of thing would have been the talk of the church pews...

"I say, Mrs. Danvers, have you seen the travelling minstrel Lance O'bass?"

"Mrs. Fotheringham, I have heard of this travelling minstrel, for I commissioned the local artist Mr. Turner to paint Mr. O'Bass in action so that the work might hang on the wall of my daughters' bed-chamber. Charity and Faith have both mentioned that they would wish to take Mr. O'Bass's hand in marriage, were he to offer."

"It is not the greatest of news, Mrs. Danvers. According to Mr. Brewer at the inn, Mr. O'bass is a resident of Sodom. Mrs. Danvers? Mrs. Danvers? Would it be possible, perchance, for someone to attract the attention of Dr. Carruthers so that he might whip out his smelling salts?"

If Mrs. Fotheringham were to tell this news in the next parish, the response would be something along these lines...

"I say, Mrs. Millicent, have you seen the travelling minstrel Lance O'bass?"

"Mrs. Fotheringham, I have never heard of this travelling minstrel."

"According to Mr. Brewer at the inn in the next village, Mr. O'bass is a resident of Sodom."

"A view of his ways be upon him. Whoever he is."

In this day and age, the parish boundaries are larger, and encompass much of the known world. Everything else is the same. Now, back to m'learned friend Jaeda.

are the soccer moms of the world so outraged (and shocked) that Lance Bass is a homo that it has to be the lead story on the news when the Middle East is being blown to shit on a daily basis? which should they be more concerned about?

Silly question. Krystal and Ashleeey may be disappointed that they won't get to play hide the sausage with Mr. Bass, but they will find someone more on their level. Or some moron their level. The crisis in the Levant is leading to higher oil prices, increased profits for Mr. Chainsaw and his cronies in the petrol business, and is formenting the seeds for unrest amongst those favourable to the Palestinian cause vis-a-vis the Israeli cause, and is increasing the risk of a further successful crime against humanity in the rebel provinces to the south of Canada.

Can't marry Mr. Bass? Don't worry, Mr. bin Laden will get you.

doesn't some website have a "not gay" watch? or a gay watch? where documented fags and dykes are accounted for? and straight people are accounted for?

See Popjustice's take on the entire matter. Though they managed to forget the Pet Shop Boys, and in the same week that the Shoppies face the curse of the Popjustice Podcast. Which, let us hope, will fall more on the subjects of the conversation, Sandi Thom and Robbie Williams.

where do they put Jamie Lee Curtis?

A view of his ways be upon him. Whoever he is.

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Sat 29 Jul 2006

What you've got to do is put the tea-cup in the tea-pot

When someone does not know the way things work, for instance the difference between a syndicated RSS feed and a maintained account, it becomes the duty of those who do know to educate and to share their knowledge. It may often be necessary to question some assumptions, especially one that runs "it's true for me, so it must be true for everyone."

When someone has been exposed to this information, and still refuses to accept that they may have been mistaken, then the community is entitled to doubt their bona fides.

Mind is like parachute: works best when open.

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Proms preview

Saturday afternoon features youth choir work, which is always good to hear. The programme should brighten up a dull and wet afternoon. The evening is more voice material, but I fear its impact will be dulled by the proximity to the afternoon concert. Sunday is a Haydn mass and Schubert 9, which may or may catch the mood.

Monday's chamber concert is yet more Mzrt and Shosta; the evening is a showcast for Tasmin Little. Tuesday is Alexander's Feast, albeit in Mzrt's arrangement. The evening prom is Henze's Voices, which sounds good, but I'm not staying up until half-to-midnight to hear it.

Wednesday is a bunch of lollipops, plus the premiere of Davis' interpretation of Elgar's sketches for Pomp 'n' Circumstance 6. Thursday is a prem from Hosokawa. Friday early is fairytales, the nightcap is from the Mauritania culture.

The picks? Saturday afternoon, Tuesday night via Listen Again, and Friday night.

Other television and radio highlights:

The Story of Light Entertainment (BBC-2, 9.25 to-night) features All Round Entertainers. So Bob and Bruce, and not much else... Cutting Edge: Wedding Days (C4, 9pm Monday) follows twenty couples who got married in 1980... Oz And Them (BBC-4, 9pm Tuesday) is part of the Fourth's Australian season, and reviews relationships over the last half-century between the mother country and the convicts... Squatter's Paradise (Radio 4, 11am Wednesday) goes back to the great housing shortage of 1946... Panorama: Hooligans (BBC-1, 9pm Wednesday) is undercover footage from the recent world cup... Time Trumpet (BBC-2, 10pm Thursday) is the new Armando Iannucci vehicle...

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Breaking: Cricket record

The greatest cricket partnership in history. No, not Strauss and Pietersen, but Sri Lanka's Sangakarra and Jayawardene, who put on 624 (SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR) for the fourth wicket against South Africa. Brian Lara's all-time test best score of 401* is also under threat; just after tea, Jayawardene is 359 not out. Live coverage continues at cricinfo; close of play is scheduled for 1pm UK time.

Update, 11.53: Jayawardene was bowled for 374, the fourth-greatest run feat of all time.

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Sun 30 Jul 2006

The rest of the news this week

Very bad news for newspaper editors everywhere - exam results may be released online, thus finally killing off the clichéd shots of young blonde lasses leaping for joy. Whatever will they put on the front pages now?

And someone who claims to be the education secretary has got his response in first. Alan Johnson (who he?) says that there was never a golden age of A-level results. They just want to demolish the traditions of the silly season press, don't they?


In which the iconic Will Shortz is error-prone on pronouns.. "Theseus" is not composed of two pronouns. These is a determinator, not a pronoun, and ne'er the twain shall meet.


The Child Support Agency is to be scrapped, and couples will be encouraged to negotiate a figure for child maintenance. Wasn't this the essence of the system prior to 1993?


Monuments to dissent.

The fake marriage of Michael Kiddyfiddler Jackson.

From the same church as The Sunscreen Song, 95 theses of geek activism

Good to see a crackdown on flyposters.

Wal-Mart to pull out of Germany.

Good luck to Rob Munslow, rowing across the Atlantic. By himself.

Will Muslims only listen to faith leaders, and not politicians? How patronising! And the best faith school is a closed school.

Tour de France blog on Landis's positive test.


Bad news: Grauniad predicts end of Election Night. New laws will require all voters to be properly authenticated, which can't happen quickly enough to allow a same-night count. Somehow, Election Morning With Dermot and Paddy doesn't have the same ring.

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Music in week 30

The artist airplay list, then.

1. - lily allen       8
2. 6 kelly clarkson   7
3. - pink             5
4. - automatic        5
5. - snow patrol      5
6. 5 nelly furtardo   4
7. - muse             4
8. - veronicas        4
9. - shakira          3
10 7 lostprophets     3

In addition to heavy rotation of Smile, we're getting heavy rotation of London and a cover of Oh my gawd.

The number 1 and 2 songs in France are both about Zidane, surely unprecedented attention to a sporting hero. Paris Hilton crashes straight into the German top 10, with two Galeo VI songs in the top 20. Still not sure why the Pussycat Dolls and Shayne Ward are both top 10 in Sweden, but they're not top 10 in Cheltenham, where a woman has had her stereo confiscated after playing these songs. She was doing it at top volume at 4 in the morning, but don't let the facts stand in the way of a good joke.

North Europe's Top Twenty

*20 NE McFly - Please please
 19 11 Feeling - Fill my little world
 18  7 Pakito - Living on video
 17 12 Zutons - Valerie
 16 15 Infernal - From Paris to Berlin
*15 16 Sportfreunde Stiller - 54 70 90 2006
 14  8 Annoying Thing - We are the champions
 13 13 Lordi - Hard rock hallelujah
*12 14 Basshunter - Boten Anna
*11 NE Lostprophets - Rooftops
 10  5 Kooks - She moves in her own way
  9 17 Keane - Is it any wonder?
  8  6 Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
  7  9 Pink - Who knew?
* 6 19 Muse - Supermassive black hole
* 5 10 Automatic - Monster
  4  4 Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
* 3  3 Lily Allen - Smile
  2  2 Shakira - Hips don't lie
* 1  1 Nelly Furtado - Maneater

McFly the UK number one, and Lostprophets are having a surprise radio hit; similar reasons why Muse and the Automatic are climbing. Readers are warned that Paris Hilton is lurking at position 22.

Britain has a new number one, except it doesn't. Hips don't lie, the Shakira single that Radio 1 resolutely refuses to play, returns to the top of the UK singles chart for the fourth week. It's the first record to return to the top since Daniel B'dingplant in the opening days of 2002, and has probably done so by a very small margin. Clitring Aguilera, who was the pre-race favourite, is stuck in second place. That'll get on her tits. Last week's chart-topper, from Creamy Muck McFly, slips to number 6; it's the biggest slump from the top since last August, when there was a 1-8 movement from -- McFly!

Poor performances also for Madonna (only making number 7, though releasing album filler as a single deserves no more than 20) and Snow Patrol (15). Good result for Kasabian, though, Empire blasts straight in at 9. The Pet Shop Boys shrug off the Curse of the Popjustice Podcast with Minimal, their second straight top 20 hit, and somewhat better than Robbie William's recent release. Feeder slam in at 34, they're really past their play-by date. Paris Hilton's new at 35, with a record that makes us think: is there no beginning to this woman's lack-of-talent? Shapehifters and Chic anchor the top 40.

Cascada and Similou will be annoyed that they've missed the 40 on downloads, Forward Russia had a full release. Surprised to see Wolfmother holding up well, they're only falling 31-48, while Franz Ferdinand slump 30-55. Add the rocksters Angels 'n' Airwaves to the underperforming list, they're only in at 59.

Razorlight retain the number one album, ahead of a resurgent Snow Patrol. Farrel Williams has the highest new entry at number 7, with James Dean Bradfield only making position 22, six places ahead of the best of Sam Cooke. Dance act Rogue Traders have a number 46 hit album, and that's one spot ahead of emo-rocksters Bullet For My Valentine. Tom Petty comes in at 56, Heather Small (who we hoped had retired for good, but no) 57, and the Jurassic 5 are in at 59.

Here's the good stuff on the singles listing:

 1  3 Shakira - Hips don't lie
 4  4 Lily Allen - Smile
 6  1 McFly - Please please
 9 NE Kasabian - Minimal
10  7 Nelly Furtardo - Maneater
17 13 Kooks - She moves in her own way
19 NE Pet Shop Boys - Minimal
21 17 Automatic - Monster
23 20 Zutons - Valerie
28 21 Pink - Who knew?
32 27 Muse - Supermassive black hole
36 33 Feeling - Fill my little world
37 32 Lostprophets - Rooftops
38 35 Kooks - Naive
44 NE Forward Russia - Eighteen
45 50 Snow Patrol - You're all I have
47 44 Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
48 31 Wolfmother - Woman
50 37 Bullet For My Valentine - Tears don't fall
54 49 Keane - Is it any wonder?
55 30 Franz Ferdinand
         - Eleanor put your boots on
56 47 Beatfreaks - Somebody's watching me
59 NE Angels and Airwaves - It hurts
63 64 Orson - Bright idea
64 59 Jose Gonzalez - Hand on your heart
65 62 Primal Scream - Country girl
67 48 James Dean Bradfield
         - That's no way to tell a lie
71 73 Raconteurs - Steady as she goes

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Weather in week 30

A somewhat quieter and cloudier week than last; temperatures only slightly lower and humidity significantly raised ensured that there was little noticeable difference. Rain events were confined to a brief shower around 4am on the Wednesday, and more significant showers on Saturday night. No thunder was heard at this site. Saturday's rain was caused by a cold front passing through, and Sunday has been significantly fresher.

The Met Office predicts a warmer and wetter winter than last year. This would represent a return to the mean.

24 Mo sun                 10/28
25 Tu sun                 15/31
26 We mostly sun          19/29, 0.5
27 Th sunny spells        18/27
28 Fr sun                 14/28
29 Sa sun to cloud        14/25
30 Su sunny spells        13/23, 4.5

Another 48 degree cooling days this week, the summer's total now stands at 275, compared to 144/237 last year, 94/184 two summers ago, and 142/310 in 2003. Today was the first since 14 July not to reach 23°C.

The forecast: A change has arrived. Low pressure will track over southern Scotland on Monday and Tuesday, then stall in the North Sea, resulting in north-westerly winds to most parts, swinging round to the north late in the week. The far south may be affected by warmer weather - and thunderstorms - spilling over from the continent, and pressure may build to the south-west for next week-end. Fronts will never be far away, so do wrap up.

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