The Snow In The Summer or So-So

05/24/2004 - 05/30/2004

Sat 29 May 2004

When in doubt, arrest people

On Thursday, the US junta ordered its poodles in London to arrest Abu Hamza. Mr Abu would be charged with various trumped-up charges pertaining to terrorist activities, but his detention owes very little to judicial proceedings, and a lot to giving the junta's spokespuppet, Candidate X, a good light.

Yesterday, we heard that the police may use GPS devices and lie detectors to keep an eye on criminals. Especially sex offenders, because they're the worst of the worst, natch. How will this work in tests? Doesn't matter, because the fascist and scientific illiterate David Plunkett "will take note of the outcome of the pilot scheme, [but] aides say he is determined to push ahead with the plan." And lie detectors? The same technology that $cientologists use to brainwash people? Is this man crackers? Don't answer, we know already.

Also: the government can't send out ballot papers for toffee. Next month's European elections - already subject to one pending lawsuit in the East Midlands - may well be litigated in the North West, Greater Yorkshire, and North East because papers didn't arrive.

On the upside, Chile's courts decide to strip Augusto Pinochet's immunity from prosecution. Sr Pinochet, a mass torturer and murderer, rose to power on the back of a US-sponsored coup on 11 September 1973. He was toppled in 1990, after the US conceded that his barbaric regime was doing more harm than good. He may now face the music for his crimes against humanity.

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Things are gonna change...

I've been waiting ages for some software that will let me blog offline, and upload changed files to FTP. Finally, Thingamablog has an upgrade that lets it work everywhere. Subject to the testing going OK, I'll be using Thingy exclusively from tomorrow.

Because I've written the site design in CSS, it's a trivial task to import it to a new blog. Say goodbye to those cryptic pictures by each entry, they're not supported by Thingy. They're replaced by proper Category links, and (touch wood) you should be able to see a specific list of entries in a category.

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Sun 30 May 2004

Today's sport - cricket, motor racing, football

The first test in the West Indies has been hit by rain. Quite why they try to play cricket at this time of year is beyond me. Anyway, the hosts are in trouble, the visiting side is 390/9 after two days. There are those who say that Bangladesh should not be a test side, but this performance suggests otherwise.

Crystal Palace took the last Premier League place yesterday; to-day's football highlight is surely the friendly between Iceland and Japan at the City of Manchester stadium. Don't mock, Iceland is around the 20th best side in Europe, and that's enough to put them in contention for the World Cup. Japan is about the 3rd best side in Asia, and that's enough to put them in contention for the World Cup. Whether they're fitting opposition for an England side that would like to think of itself as top ten in the world remains to be seen. Japan won the game 3-2.
Brighton won the D2 play-off, and will challenge Cardiff, Crewe, Sunderland and Leeds for the League Championship next year.

The F1 race was dull and predictable, Schumacher (M) opened up a huge lead in half a dozen laps, and everyone else was playing for second. It's the North American stint next, isn't it.

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The charts for week 22

Starting with the albums, and it's three weeks at the top for Keane's Hopes and Hears, this week holding off the Streets again. Slipknot has the highest entry with The Subliminal Verses at 3, a team best; Joss Stone climbs one to 4, Moz slips three to 5. Kelis storms up nine to 11, Jet rebounds thirteen to 14, and Nick Drake has his biggest hit ever at 18 with Made to Love Magic.

It's quieter down the list; Emma Bunton's back at 29, Hoobastank enters at 32 with The Reason, and NERD rebounds four to 33.

On the singles list, Frankee holds off Kelis's new single for the top slot. Trouble for V, the latest band from the Busted stable, who can only come in at 6. Both Busted and their song-writers, McFly, have had spells at the very top. Anastacia spends her 10th week in the top 10, all the weeks have been between 3 and 8. Kristian Leontiou, according to his record company, is the male Dido; with his tedious and predictable saccharine songs, they're right. Far better: the Killers, whose Mr Brightside bows at 10. Result!

Results also for Sarah Connor's Bounce, for Hope Of The States' The Red The White The Black And The Blue, and for Jet's re-released Are You Gonna Be My Girl?, all entering in the 20. Also in the twenty, Sam and Mark, the losers from Pop Idle 2. Their first single made number one, the follow-up can only make 19. Nineteen. Michelle McManus, the PI winner, made 17 second time out, and ths makes Sparky's 13 a good result.

Supergrass's Kiss of Life, Deepest Blue's Is It A Sin? and Inme's Faster The Chase all make the top 40. We're particularly pleased to see Inme in there; almost two years ago, we spotted the striking similarity between their lead shouter Dave MacPherson and Claire Danes in her signature role as Angela Chase. Thanks for the confirmation, mate!

Just missing the 40: records from the Vines, the Stands, and the Offspring. Also out there: Let Me Go Home, the first new record from All About Eve in over a decade. Welcome back.

This week also marks the end of the road for Atomic Kitten, whose final single falls off the chart.

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