Going for.. going for bowls! - The Snow In The Summer or So-So

2 December 2018
Pick a playoff or two

One last time for the results service:

MA: #27 Buffalo vs #62 Northern Illinois 29-30
PX: #9 Washington vs #13 Utah 10-3
BT: #6 Oklahoma vs #15 Texas 39-27
SB: #24 Appalachian State vs #64 Louisiana-Lafayette 30-19
CU: #36 UAB vs #40 Middle Tennessee 27-25
AA: #7 UCF vs #60 Memphis 56-41
SE: #2 Alabama vs #3 Georgia 35-28
MW: #10 Boise State vs #17 Fresno State 3-6 (aet, following 13-13)
AC: #1 Clemson vs #28 Pittsburgh 42-10
BX: #5 Ohio Province vs #26 Northwestern 45-24

One other surprise result, Virginia College of Technology defeated Marshall 41-20. It secures V-tech's eligibility for a bowl.

83 teams are now entitled to play in a bowl game, but there are only 78 spots left. We reckon the five to miss out will be the lowest-ranked 6-win sides:

92 Louisiana-Monroe
91 Liberty*
89 Southern Miss**
87 Wyoming
83 Miami-of-Ohio

* As the side's in transition from Division II, Liberty wouldn't be allowed to take their place unless there were no other 6-6 sides.

** Southern Mississippi had a game cancelled to bad weather; we reckon they'd have lost to Appalachian State anyway.

The final top 15:

01 Alabama [+1] 02 Clemson [-1] 03 Notre Dame [+1] 04 Georgia [-1] 05 Oklahoma [+1] 06 Ohio Province [-1] 07 UCF [nc] 08 Michigan [nc] 09 Washington [nc] 10 Fresno State [+7] 11 LSU [nc] 12 Florida [nc] 13 Kentucky [nc] 14 Washington Province [nc] 15 Boise State [-5]

Absolutely nothing in it at the top, Alabama leads Clemson by just 0.15 of a game. Georgia slides beneath Notre Dame by 0.3 of a game, both are almost two wins behind the leading pair.

Also very tight for fifth and sixth, Oklahoma's advantage about 0.05 wins. Washington cut the gap on Michigan to 0.3 games, but no more, and Fresno State head the best of the rest.

All of which leaves our eight-team playoff as: Alabama vs Washington, Clemson vs UCF, Notre Dame vs Ohio Province, and Georgia vs Oklahoma The Rematch. Other play-off systems might omit the first round, but any playoff system rooted in reality will produce the same final four.

It's not possible for Georgia to overhaul all of the sides in front of them, so they will not be able to retain their position as Glickoblog Champion. UCF may yet remain as Reigning National Champions.

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