Oh no, not another f***in vote - The Snow In The Summer or So-So

2 May 2018
Not getting excited for tomorrow's ballot

Local elections tomorrow. We've had letters from some of the council candidates.

To be precise, we've had eight letters since the start of the year from Adrian Delaney (Conservative). He's gone long about how he cleans up rubbish. He stands by shops in the Approved Conservative Pose™, he picks up litter, and wants to bring back free garden collections.

The problem we have with Adrian Delaney (Conservative) is the (Conservative) bit. He stands with the most obnoxious racists we've covered since the BNP in 2009. He will not get our vote, because he stands with racists.

Carole Griffiths is the Labour candidate. We only know this because of her piece on a local website. We've had no leaflet from her. No-one from Labour has dared knock our doorstep.

We have had a note from our union, imploring us to vote Labour on national questions. The barracking is without regard to the candidate's merits or lack thereof, and does not mention anything within the remit of the council.

We will not be voting for Labour. The party is in coalition at Westminster with the Conservatives, and chooses to betray all of its principles. Workers are suffering, and all to satisfy the hugemungously massive ego of its current "leader".

There is also the problem that the current council is failing, and failing badly. Even if Labour was going to oppose bad policies nationally, it would deserve to be thrown out of power locally.

Kevin Hannon stands for the Liberal Democrats. We've had no contact with this party at all. Their manifesto is online.

Robert Ball is up for the Green Party. No leaflets, but we have seen his website piece. The national policies from last year still apply, but some are beyond the council's powers.

The manifestoes from the Greens and Lib Dems are sensible and relevant to the council's powers. A vote for either of these parties would also send a message to the real audience, the BBC and the newspapers. The message: we still don't want your stupid "breggsit" idea. We said no last year, and there is no mandate from earlier years.

In short:

Positions of the nationwide parties on Brexit-related issues. The question mark reflects Labour's insistence on "a" customs union but not "the" Customs Union.

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