The importance of being Tori Amos - The Snow In The Summer or So-So

19 February 2018
Really deep things

So there's this post and comment thread on Metafilter talking about Little Earthquakes, and describes the album as "music for weird high school theater nerds in the process of figuring out their sexuality".

Mmm, hello.

This blog was aware of Little Earthquakes on first release: enjoyed the singles, and added it to the nebulous list of "would like to get at some point, when we've got through more pressing stuff. And perhaps when it's cheaper."

And that's where it stayed for years. Until this blog started dating a weird high-school theatre nerd who very much was in the process of figuring out their sexuality. As regular readers may recall, this relationship ended messily; said theatre nerd insisted on turning the knife into a wound they'd made, and both of us may still carry the scars.

Said theatre nerd might have figured out their sexuality, got married, had kids. This blog hadn't, and likely still hasn't. Tori Amos has persisted throughout, a little bit of the divine, a few of the bonds that connect humanity and keep everyone together.

But it's the connections we treasure, that there are caring and supportive people who are united by meaningful popular culture. My So-Called Life was this blog's muse, Tori Amos for others, all things Titanic for the next cohort beneath, and then Harry Potter exploded. It's the same bonding as sports fans, for we who are not sports fans.

Who's treading these paths today? Lorde is the weird nerd vibe. Lucy Spraggan does the storytelling and emotional connection. The 100 and Stephen Universe attract various forms of outsider. All have rabid fanbases, and we hope to read about them in Metafilter circa 2042.

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