The Snow In The Summer or So-So

Week of 27 February 2017


"Coming of age stories for girls are YA. Coming of age stories for boys are fine fiction." #

The weeknotes
TV and radio notes

Political Correctness Gone Mad (C4, Thu) was bullshit of the highest order. Trevor Phillips deliberately conflated "the privilege to speak without challenge" and "the right to speak". He knows better, he knows he's trolling.

On this week's Blue Peter

World book day Radzi as Dennis the Menace, Lindsey as a Dalmation, Barney as The Boy in The Dress / Viewers in costume, interviews all show / Book awards - Mel Bailey-Smith and Sam Cruise interview, they'll rap the category introductions / Running Wild cast pa, interview with Toby Ollier puppet designer / Book winner: with facts, Survivors / Lindsey VT - Molly Hodges, Everest mountaineer, Lindsey climbs ice wall / Book story: Podkin One Ear / Book fans package, next book / Comic Relief plug

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Vintage Top of the Pops + 34 Years and 2 Months

29 April 1982 Richard Skinner hosts tonight, and he introduces Hot Chocolate with Girl crazy. Owing to a double-booking, the Chocolate have to share the studio with the BBC Aerobics Group. Their prancing is more interesting than the song. Bardo didn't win the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday, but One step further is number 2. They perform it one last time.

A sharp edit takes us to the video of I love rock 'n' roll, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts' crowning moment. Yazoo perform Only you, Alison Moyet owns the Top of the Pops stage like no other.

Another chance to see Simple Minds' Promised you a miracle from two weeks back, then Eurovision Song Contest winner Nicole performs A little peace. Girl in turquoise jumpsuit, oversized guitar, schlager lyric. We completely understand why it won; we wish it hadn't, as the repercussions echo down for the next years and it'll take a hundred Irish dancers to stub them out.

Spandau Ballet send the video for Instinction. Monsoon perform Ever so lonely, all wavering voices and dancing saris.

And at number one, another chance to endure the video for McCartney and Wonder's Ebony and ivory. Rocky Sharpe and the Replays invite us to Shout shout (knock yourself out), which feels like a very attractive option right now. Four in a line, the song title on an easel, and Mr. Sharpe is trying just that bit too hard to be wacky.

Yazoo won this week, Moyet just had that stage presence throughout. Nicole an honourable mention.

World news

Just rejoice at that news.

South Georgia was recaptured by British forces. Britain announced an air-and-sea blockade of 200 miles around the Falkland Islands; a marine blockade has been in place since 12 April. The Organisation of American States approved an equivocal statement, seen as a defeat for Argentina. The junta expected fighting to begin within 48 hours, and diplomatic efforts felt like they were pissing in the wind. Weather reports from the South Atlantic were declassified by the Met Office.

At a moment of great national import, Labour tried to play to both sides. Eric Heffer said his party was not opposed to the task force, but was opposed to its use to recapture the Falklands. Party leader Michael Foot allowed the national executive to say, "It is imperative that the escalation of the situation be halted." Dr. Owen of the SDP hoped Labour would recover its nerve. The Conservatives saw a bounce in the polls, from level pegging to 9% ahead.

Leafy vegetables from Italy will not be allowed in for the next two months, it's an effort to slow the march of Colorado beetles. British Rail reported a loss of 37m last year. A five-minute phone call from a London hotel to a Brighton office cost more than a first-class train ticket, reported Ben Burns of Illinois. NBC announced its line-up for the autumn: Fame and Hill Street Blues continue, new comedies include Family Ties and Cheers. Knight Rider is a new drama.

Whitby will contribute to a wooden replica of the Endeavour, Captain Cook's ship; this project was eventually funded by the Bond Corporation, then by public subscription. Launched in 1993, she visited Whitby in 1996 and 2003.

Head of Children's BBC Edward Barnes defended Grange Hill at the National Council for Educational Standards. The series demonstrates how bullying and vandalism are wrong, there will be consequences. The conservative ginger group had earlier heard how duty, obedience, and discipline were "unfashionable"; some professor who doesn't have a television decried all the swearing on Grange Hill.

Violence marked Israel's national day celebrations. Prime minister Begin was against an independent Palestine state. The EEC budget rebate negotiations continued. Rain trickling south to end an unusually dry April - most of England and Wales hadn't seen a drop since 9 April. Showers in a nor-westerly, 11°C.

Veto photographic evidence (8)

Other telly this week

Eurovision Song Contest in Harrogate; highlights montage and les douzes points... The Heebeegeebees (as Status Quid) talk to Countdown... this week's Week Ending... Friday's CBS News

Born: The Satellite Channel... Kelly Clarkson... Snoopy Tennis... Kirsten Dunst

The crossword answer: negative, a double definition.

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Popular music

The number one singles this week:

                Something just like this         [ 1d10h]
24feb 20h ED SHEERAN Shape of you [Stormzy remix][ 6d22h]
                Something just like this         [+1d10h]
UK Charts for w/e 11 March 2017
Number One
Shape of you - Ed Sheeran - 7th week (Number 1325 in seq.) Human - Rag'n'Bone Man - 3rd week (Number 1106 in seq.)
Highest new entrySlide - Calvin Harris / Ocean / Migos - number 11 Gang Signs & Prayer - Stormzy - number 2
Fastest climber
(within top 40)
Skin - Rag'n'Bone Man - up 15 to 14 Together - Michael Ball & Alfie Boe - up 20 to 10
Fastest climber
(within top 100)
Shut up - Stormzy - up 43 to 49 Chasing Dreams - Bradley Walsh - up 31 to 61
Lemming-like fallGiants - Take That - from 5 to 39 Prisoner - Ryan Adams - from 3 to 23
Top 40 debuts Zedd & Alessia Cara (duet) Stormzy
Top 100 debuts Marian Hill, Zedd & Alessia Cara (duet) Brian Jonestown Massacre, King Gizzard & Lizard Wizard, Little Big Town, Stormzy, Thundercat


Last week's biggest selling single by Ed Sheeran is this week's third-biggest selling single by Ed Sheeran, and 7th overall. Shape of you returns to the top, Castle on the hill bounces 6-5, leaving How would you feel to fall 1-7.

The BPI Awards saw Chainsmokers and Coldplay work on Something just like this, climbing 8-2. Katy Perry's Chained to the rhythm moves 4-3, swapping with Rag'n'Bone Man's Human.

New peak for Kygo and Selena Gomez, It ain't me moves 9-6. Anne-Marie cracks the top ten, Ciao adios 13-8. Highest entry comes from Calvin Harris, Slide enters at 11.

Stormzy has the album of the week; lead single Big for your boots rebounds 26-13, and he has seven tracks in the top 100. (Though only three are above number 90.) Rag'n'Bone Man's new single Skin gets lifted 29-14. Straight into the top end go Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj on Swalla (18), and Zedd & Alessia Cara's Stay (19).

Lower down, new peaks for Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars. Performances on BBC The Voice put Jennifer Hudson's Spotlight and Johnny Cash's Hurt up the lists, and there's a new hit for Kato.

Justice is served as Take That's Giants plummets 5-39. A new peak for Auli'i Cravalho's How far I'll go, moving 78-48 as the Moana phenomenon continues. Lorde makes number 75 with a few hours' sales of Green light.


Close at the top, Rag'n'Bone Man just holds off the new release from grime sensation Stormzy. The pro-streaming lobby pretend that this is number one, but they spin album sales out of individual singles - complete bullshit.

The Trolls cast recording hits a new peak, up one to 3. George Michael moves 7-4, and Ed Sheeran's X rebounds 9-5. A very strong bounce for Michael Ball and Alfie Boe, after they performed on Gary Barlow Misleads The Public last week.

The BPI Awards effect continues, with weekend sales lifting most of the performers and winners. There's a country music festival in London next weekend, and new releases from Rhiannon Giddens (Freedom Highway, 28) and Little Big Town (The Breaker, 41) provide both with career peaks. Indie faves Los Camesinos and the Pigeon Detectives fall short at 54 and 58.

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This week's news

Wrong sort of washing machines on the tracks All train lines into Liverpool Lime Street station were blocked after a retaining wall collapsed. The station is at the end of a long and deep cutting, part of which was weakened by recent rain.

Lime Street cutting wall

Swamp-dwellers Mudkip headed towards a schism. Media darling Niggle Farridge called for the group's lone MP, Douglas Waspchewer, to be thrown out of the party. According to rumours, Waspchewer blocked a knighthood for Farridge. The disfunctional group's wealthy donor A Run On The Banks wishes to stand against Waspchewer. A former employee reckons it's a divided party.

Tuam mass grave Three years ago, there was a scandal about a possible mass grave in Tuam. According to reports, 800 babies had died in infancy, and had been "disposed of" in the septic tank. An inquiry was set up, and that was that...

...until now. Tests of the grounds have come through, and show babies may have been tossed in the septic tank. The inquiry's full report is expected in about a year's time.

Stormont election A massive rebuke for unionism in the elections to the Stormont assembly. The DUP remained the largest group, with 28 members. Sinn Féin hold 27 seats. The SDLP have 12, Ulster Unionists 10, Alliance 8. There are 2 Greens, and one each from People Before Profit, Traditional Unionist Voice, and an independent unionist.

Stormont shrunk from 108 to 90 seats, and all but two of the losses came from the unionist DUP and UUP. The DUP and SF have three weeks to work out a power-sharing arrangement, but there are rumours that another vote is planned for May.

Dead: Gerald Kaufman (Lab, Manchester Gorton). He is succeeded as Father of the House by Ken Clarke (C, Rushcliffe).

Westminster (27FEB): C 329 Lab 227 SNP 54 LD 9 DUP 8 SF 4 PC 3 SDLP 3 UUP 2 Ind Scot Nat 2 Ind Lab 1 Ind UU 1 G 1 UKIP 1 Spkrs 4 Vac 1. C maj 13 (effective 17)

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An unsettled week, with precipitation never far away. Some were sleet early in the week; as more tropical air took control after midweek, it was just wet. Sunday in particular was irritating, with frequent heavy showers. It wasn't particularly cold, but one of the wettest comparable weeks in years.

More unsettled weather next week, and it might turn quite cold towards the middle of the month, so do wrap up.

27 Mo showers             6/ 9, 4.0
28 Tu wintery showers     1/ 6, 5.5
01 We cloud               2/ 8, 2.0
02 Th rain o/n            5/10, 3.5
03 Fr rain                4/ 9, 9.0
04 Sa sun, showers        4/10, 1.5
05 Su showers             3/ 9, 7.5

Rainfall in February: 58.5mm; monthly average: 50mm

Rainfall in March: 23.5mm; monthly average: 54mm

Degree heating days: 576
2015-6: 400/585
2014-5: 586/718
2013-4: 537/630
2012-3: 807/1151
2011-2: 560/747
2010-1: 960/1056
2009-0: 872/1098
2008-9: 785/927
2007-8: 610/810
2006-7: 382/499

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