Long-living former MPs - The Snow In The Summer or So-So

4 June 2010
Living former MPs

This document lists those members of the House of Commons first elected prior to the 1964 general election, and who were believed to be still living on 4 June 2010. It is derived from the Parliamentary Information List Living Former Members, updated between 21 January 2010 and the date of publication. We have attempted to keep the list up to date since its original publication. Any errors are the responsibility of this website.

Dates listed are those when the member was MP for that constituency, and include breaks between the dissolution of one parliament and the assembly of the next. Years without dates are those of the general election in that year; all other dates are fully specified.

1945 GENERAL ELECTION (5 July; 1 survivor)

By-elections in 1945–50

[no survivors]

1950 GENERAL ELECTION (23 February; no survivors)

By-elections in 1950–51; 1 survivor

Benn was disqualified in 1960 on being elevated to the peerage as Viscount Stansgate; he returned to the Commons after disclaiming his title.

1951 GENERAL ELECTION (25 October; 0 survivors)

By-elections in 1951–55; 4 survivors

1955 GENERAL ELECTION (26 May; 5 survivors)

Mitchell was in prison at the time of his election, and the result was overturned by vote of the Commons. He won the subsequent by-election, and the runner-up was appointed in his place.

By-elections in 1955–59; 3 survivors

1959 GENERAL ELECTION (8 Oct; 17 survivors)

1 Carr died in December 2000, but this was not reported at the time. He continued to appear in Who's Who until the 2010 edition, moving to Who Was Who in 2011.

By-elections in 1959–64; 8 survivors

Taverne resigned 15.10.1972 to seek re-election as an Independent Democratic Labour candidate; he was successful on 01.03.1973.

We believe these lists to be accurate, but do please let us know of any errors you might see.

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