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11 November 2018

Results for last week's top fifteen:

01 Alabama bt Mississippi Prov 24-0
02 Georgia bt Auburn 27-10
03 Clemson bt Boston College 27-7
04 Notre Dame bt Florida Terr 42-13
05 Michigan bt Rutgers 42-7
06 Oklahoma bt Oklahoma Terr 48-47
07 LSU bt Arkansas 24-17
08 Central Florida bt Navy 35-24
09 Washington Prov bt Colorado 31-7
10 Ohio Prov bt Michigan Prov 26-6
11 West Virginia bt TCU 47-10
12 Kentucky lost to Tennessee 7-24
13 Fresno St lost to Boise St 17-24
14 Army bt Lafayette (II) 31-13
15 Florida bt South Carolina 35-31

Not a huge amount to say on many of these. Oklahoma won their game by the odd point in 95, a low-scoring one in that series. UCF were run closer than they might like.

Lower down, Kentucky's loss ends their hopes of an Elite Eight bowl on sporting merit. Fresno State's loss puts them at a disadvantage, but they still make the MW title game if they win out. Army's big win against a crap team won't help their cause.

(More: Three more conference spots are filled, and we look into small movements in the top ten.)

The eight-team playoff: Alabama - Washington Prov, Clemson - UCF, Notre Dame - Ohio Prov, Oklahoma - Georgia.

And Eastern Michigan have reached six wins, and are eligible to go to their second bowl in three years; a win against K*nt State on the 23rd will secure a certain slot. Five years ago, EMICH were perpetual cellar-dwellers, lucky to pick up more than one win. Now they're scrappy midfielders, with a transitive win over Ohio Province. Go Eagles.

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4 November 2018
Don't run up the score!

The results:

01 Clemson bt Louisville 77-16
02 Notre Dame at Northwestern 31-21
03 Alabama at 04 LSU, 29-0
05 Georgia at 08 Kentucky, 34-17
06 Michigan bt Penn State 42-7
07 Oklahoma at Texas Tech 51-46
09 Ohio Prov bt Nebraska 36-31
10 Florida LOST vs Missouri 17-38
11 Washington Prov bt California 19-13
12 UCF bt Temple 52-40
13 Iowa LOST at Purdue 36-38
14 Fresno State at UNLV 48-3
15 Utah LOST at Arizona Prov 20-38

The Football Gods note Clemson's poor sportsmanship by running up the score against lesser opponents. Such hubris will be penalised.

(More: The amazing rise of Pittsburgh and Northwestern, and our full top 15.)

Eight-team playoff: we reckon Alabama vs Washington, Clemson vs Georgia, Notre Dame vs UCF, Michigan vs Oklahoma.

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31 October 2018
What's Your Story

Thirty years ago today, Children's BBC began an experiment in storytelling, one where we wrote the plot.

Your chance to put your own ideas on television. Sylvester McCoy and the company present the first part of an intriguing drama live from Studio A.

At the end of today's episode, phone in your ideas. Tomorrow you could see your own scenes on the screen!



Since the early 80s, Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks were a familiar staple in school libraries, a sort of interactive fiction where the reader made choices and was rewarded with success, failure, or something in between. Some of us were familiar with the world of Fighting Fantasy, others advanced to the story-building of Dungeons and Dragons.

Never had there been an experiment like this. What's Your Story would take ideas from the viewers, turn them into drama, and perform the scripts on screen. And they'd do it all in just one day.

(More: The story we started with, the production's strengths, weaknesses, and sequel.)

In the grand tale of television history, What's Your Story deserves a mention. It's the gloaming of interactive television, the first time viewers were allowed to shape a story, and it showed the massive invention of the viewers. This is both an opportunity and a danger, as the show might develop in ways the producers don't want. Later viewer interaction has been much more limited - "have you seen these people" on Wanted, "call to evict" on Big Brother, "love this?" on Rising Star. We might get to shape the story, we don't get to write it.

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28 October 2018
Trebles all round!

Another week in the books. Here's how the top 15 fared.

01 Clemson at Florida Terr 59-10
02 Notre Dame vs Navy 44-22
06 Florida vs 07 Georgia 17-36
08 Oklahoma vs Kansas Prov 51-14
09 Texas at Oklahoma Terr 35-38
10 Iowa at Penn Prov 24-30
12 Kentucky at Missouri 15-14
14 South Florida at Houston 36-57
15 North Carolina Prov at Syracuse 41-51

(More: The full projections, cheers for Georgia Southern, and Oregon Province (!) score the biggest upset.)

Buffalo play in MACtion on Tuesday night, UCF are on Thursday, Virginia go on Friday, and Alabama-LSU kicks off at the witching hour next Saturday night.

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21 October 2018
No game (down two)

Clemson's victory makes the side prohibitive favourites for the AC. Our friends at Podcast Ain't Played Nobody joked about Alabama going 21-0 up inside the first five minutes: it took about seven.

The big upset came for Ohio Territory, smashed out of the ground by Purdue (who? Exactly!). Routine win for LSU, and Michigan's win would have been routine but for lightning delays.

UCF, Oklahoma, and Iowa had comfortable wins, South Florida were held back by a great Connecticut side, and Kentucky were dull. And something went wrong at Benny-and-Johnny-ville, as Eastern Michigan won 42-20, the first match all season not decided by a single point.

First win of the season for Nebraska, and the first win for coach Scott Frost since he left defending national champions UCF. Cincinnati suffer their first loss of the season in extra time.

(More: The full results, and this week's leaders.)

A new number one, Clemson knocks off a great opponent and moves past idle Notre Dame. No surprise there.

Lower down, Georgia move past Texas, even though both sides were idle. How did that happen? Mostly, network effects from the teams they've played. Earlier in the year, Texas beat Southern California, but SCalf lost to Utah, so that win's less valuable. Texas lost to the very decent Maryland, and they lost to Iowa, so that match is less valuable. Georgia's opponents all did the expected thing.

We're not talking big numbers - Texas moved down by about 0.1 expected wins, Georgia moved up by a little less. If they met on a neutral field, we'd still offer even money.

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14 October 2018
NCAAball: Final four chances can go down as well as up

Here are the key results from week 7.

01 Notre Dame vs Pittsburgh 19-14
03 Georgia at 09 LSU 16-36
04 Ohio Province vs Minnesota 30-14
05 Alabama vs Missouri 39-10
07 Florida at Vanderbilt 37-27
08 Texas vs Baylor 23-17
11 UCF at Memphis 31-30
12 South Florida at Tulsa 25-24
13 West Virginia at Iowa Province 14-30

Foom! Foom! Foom! Down fall defending Glickoblog champions Georgia, losing on their first stiff test of the year. Down go West Virginia, another casualty of Iowa Province. Close squeaks for all three Florida sides in the top fifteen, including national champions UCF. Notre Dame avoid their traditional banana skin, and Texas actually win in the game after beating Oklahoma, this hasn't happened in forever.

(More: The upset list, conference championships, and new top 15.)

The ESPN Final Four looks clear, though expect Notre Dame to fall as they don't have a title game. Alongside Texas and Oregon, and defending national champions UCF, do ESPN dare admit three other SE teams to their Elite Eight games?

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7 October 2018
Glickoblog does NCAAball!

Right, let's try running some NCAA-ball here.

Here's last week's top 15, with their results this week.

01 Notre Dame at Virgina Coll of Tech 45-23
02 Clemson at Wake Forest 63-3
03 LSU at Florida 19-27
04 Georgia vs Vanderbilt 41-13
05 Ohio State vs Indiana 49-26
06 Alabama beat Arkansas 65-31
07 Oklahoma lost to Texas 45-48
08 Kentucky at Texas A&M 14-20
09 Stanford vs Utah 21-40
10 North Carolina Province beat Boston College 28-23
11 South Florida at Massachusetts 58-42
12 West Virginia beat Kansas 38-22
13 Central Florida vs SMU 48-20
14 Penn Province -- bye
15 Washington at UCLA 31-24

(More: Explain our method, and project all of the title games.)

There's a massive gap between the top five and everyone else, and surely the only open questions to sensible observers is which of the top five is fifth.

We reckon the ESPN Final Four will be Notre Dame vs Alabama and Clemson vs Ohio Prov. Defending Glickoblog champions Georgia are also in the mix. Auto-spots in the ESPN Elite Eight for West Virginia, Colorado, and defending national champions UCF. The other four could be NC Prov, Florida, Texas, and LSU.

ESPN publishes its first Guide to the ESPN Final Four at midnight on Wednesday morning, followed by a crucial Sun Belt game between Appalachian State and Arkansas Province. Saturday's highlight is #3 Georgia at #9 LSU.

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29 September 2018
Jo-Anne NADLER - Too Nice to be a Tory

A memoir of a Conservative upbringing in suburban Wimbledon, with as much DLT as IDS.

Nadler writes about her parents and their home life, how they were forced out by politicial madness to build a new life in a new location. She took command of her local party's youth wing, but was a) a girl and b) not sufficiently "sound" for the yah-boo-boys up in Putney. It's the point when Nadler realises she's a "one nation conservative", and doesn't quite fit into the Thatcherite mould.

After leaving politics to concentrate on her degree in York, Nadler takes a production job at Radio 1. We don't get much insight into Radio 1 circa 1989, not least because "Noodles" was producing DLT's weekend shows. She left to work at Central Office in 1991, and tells tales of Michael Portillo and Chris Patten in a frustratingly short chapter on the '92 campaign.

Nadler was the press officer for the Conservatives at Eastleigh in 1993, a spectacularly rubbish by-election campaign ended with a spectacularly thumping defeat. The sense of impending catastrophe is everywhere, and pervades the rest of the book. Nadler rails against the headbanging Eurosceptics, who did so much to damage her party. A chapter where Nadler goes stag hunting in Scotland feels detached from the narrative, inserted to up the page count.

The closing quarter is a paean to dragging the Tories into the 21st century - William Hague's efforts to reform the creaking structures, then Iain Duncan Smith's plea from the heart. The book ends in late 2003, following IDS's defenestration in favour of Michael Howard. Nadler hopes that Howard will live up to the reforming promise he showed, but this proved illusory.

Viewed from 2018, Nadler's book reminds us of what could have been. If only those headbanging Eurosceptics hadn't lied and cheated, and could bear to accept that they'd lost an argument.

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3 September 2018
Cliff Notes

Cliff Evans is to leave Radio 2 breakfast. The professional northerner has been waffling on since 2010.

His replacement is a fraught question: Radio 2 breakfast is Europe's most-heard radio show. Radio 2 has been criticised for not having any women regularly presenting shows on daytime. Politically, it's helpful to give the show to a woman, but who is the best presenter available?

Petroc Trelawney and Clemency Burton-Hill, the best music presenters on radio, are not familiar to the Radio 2 audience. Nor is Lauren Laverne, and she's recently accepted the breakfast show on 6 Records. Scott Mills has "future R2 breakfast show host" written over him, but he's not yet familiar to the Radio 2 audience. Come back in 2026.

Steve Wright In The Afternoon has done breakfast before, and it was a failure. Mark Radcliffe has done breakfast before, and it didn't work for him. Ken Bruce has done breakfast before, and lasted just a year (though that year was 1985...) Danny Baker's Morning Edition worked on Radio 5, but as a shadowy alternative to the mainstream; he would be out of place in the bright lights of Radio 2.

Simon Mayo has done enough of 4am starts. Nicky Campbell could transfer from Radio 5, but he hasn't presented music radio in two decade. Radio 1 alumnae Zoe Ball and Sara Cox might be amenable. Jo Wiley is already on daytime, though her show hasn't merged well with Mayo's.

Edith Bowman was the star of Virgin Radio 2.0, and is now available; might Edith be the woman they want, with or without Colin Murray? Would Liza Tarbuck want the job? Is Fearne Cotton yet familiar to the Radio 2 audience?

And that's just people within BBC national radio. We're not considering star presenters from local radio, or transfers from the commercial sector. It would be a surprise if the name wasn't familiar to national radio listeners, but we're not convinced the BBC will promote someone from within Radio 2.

May we live in interesting times, and make sure we take Fridays off.

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